Dwarf Troubles? Recruit the Unliving Blood Bowl Phenom With a Millennium-Old Vendetta

Jim: Centuries as a skeleton haven’t dampened this ancient chieftain’s prowess, have they, Bob?

Bob: Do you think Ivan is aware he’s participating in a game of Blood Bowl and not leading a war, Jim?

Jim: Is there really that much difference, Bob?

Picture this: after an extended period of lifeless sleep, you awaken to discover your favorite hobby – warfare – has vanished. What does a resourceful conqueror, who especially dislikes Dwarfs, do when his talent for shattering skulls is being neglected?

For someone like Ivan ‘the Beast’ Deathshroud, the solution is easy – join your local Blood Bowl squad.

BB IvanTheAnimal Jul03 Mini

Resurrected from his latest demise by a necromantic coach seeking a stronger offense, Ivan Deathshroud was nothing but utterly scornful of the pacific world he found himself in. However, after viewing his first Blood Bowl match, the undead combatant found a fresh purpose, taking to the pitch with the sadistic joy of a born Blitzer.

Back when he was a living warlord, Ivan embarked on numerous assaults against the Dwarf strongholds of the Worlds Edge Mountains, and his vendetta hasn’t diminished in his absence. A random encounter with the Grudge Bearers exposed his previous identity to the world and, much to Ivan’s satisfaction, a horde of battle-ready fans now accompanies him in an attempt to resolve their forebears’ disputes.*

BB IvanTheAnimal Jul03 Art

Following a successful run with the Hel Fenn Hellions, ‘The Beast’ embarked on a mission to recover lost treasure from his heyday, and came back with sufficient gold to purchase his contract. Now free to shift among whichever undead teams have the highest likelihood of facing Dwarfs, Ivan bolsters his reputation with a brutally simple approach that becomes particularly deadly when his favored victims are within his grasp.

The Block, Juggernaut, and Regeneration abilities make him a resilient force on both offense and defense, and his unique Dwarfen Scourge skill allows him to shatter through an opponent’s armor once per game. As the name implies, it becomes even more potent against Dwarfs – useful for breaking their extra hard defenses.

BB IvanTheAnimal Jul03 Boxout

With a reasonable price tag of 190,000 GP, Ivan is a fit for Sylvanian Spotlight teams, particularly those competing against shorter opponents. Just be careful not to engage him in conversation about the past – his stories are so lengthy that you’ll wish to join the ranks of the undead yourself.

This resin figurine will be available on the Forge World webstore soon – stay tuned to Warhammer Community for further details.

*Ivan’s reign of terror was so widespread that he has amassed a near-record 1,524 grudges against him.

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