Black Orc Blood Bowl Team

Black Orcs Blood Bowl Team

★ Black Orc ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Goblin Bruiser45k623+4+8+Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Thick SkullAGPS
Black Orcs90k444+5+10+Brawler, GrabGSAP
Trained Troll115k455+5+10+Always Hungry, Loner (3+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team MateSAGP
ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesBadlands Brawl, Bribery and Corruption

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Black Orc Team Strengths:

  • Strong, high armoured with useful but unusual starting skills
  • Cheap and expendable players
  • Cheap bribes and Throw Team Mate option

Black Orc Team Weaknesses:

  • Fairly slow and not very agile
  • No good passing game

Basic Set-Up


B= Black Orc
T= Troll
G= Goblin


B= Black Orc
T= Troll
G= Goblin

Black Orcs Star Players

  • Akhorne the squirrel
  • The Black Gobbo
  • Grak & Crumbleberry
  • Helmutt Wolf
  • Morg ‘n’ Thorg
  • Varag Ghoul-Chewer

Starting Roster Black Orc Team

6 Black Orcs Team

QTYPlayers/ ExtrasCost
5Goblin Bruiser Lineman225k
6Black Orc540k
1Trained Troll115k

A popular list where you have your seven ST4+ players from the start. This gives a higher chance of MVP falling on these slow skill players and one less Goblin Bruiser on the field makes it easier to hide them from opponents. Having the Troll also allows you to have a Throw a Teammate scoring option.

Unfortunately, you’re 5k short of being able to afford an Apothecary. You can fit twelve players in total, which gives you an injury substitution option or perhaps allows you to be a bit more frivolous when it comes to fouling. The downside here is that there are only two dice rolls for a team that doesn’t start with many traditionally strong skills.

You can also save the extra 45k on that twelfth player and guarantee you have the funds for an apothecary after the first game. Or invest that money in dedicated buffs. Starting with all your expensive players means you are only saving for the Apothecary and then for more rerolls, unless you suffer an injury or death.

3 Rerolls with Apothecary

QTYPlayers/ ExtrasCost
5Goblin Bruiser Lineman225k
6Black Orc540k

This team has eleven players, but includes an apothecary to support the black orcs. They have fairly high armor and not having a Troll means not only an extra Goblin Bruiser on the field, but it is harder to keep them protected from the opposition. Bruisers are a bit tougher than a normal Goblin and have a slightly better chance of staying on the field if faced with an injury roll.

Trolls are pretty unreliable players and not many teams are going to be stronger in the trenches. You have a single obvious target that you can save for (barring injury) and how much are you going to miss not being able to throw your teammate right away?

Troll and 3 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
5Goblin Bruiser Lineman225k
5Black Orc450k
1Trained Troll115k

If you sacrifice starting with a Black Orc then you can put in three Rerolls and the Troll. The advantage is that you keep a more desirable number of Rerolls and also the option to cast a teammate. Ideally you should start with all Black Orcs, as they are slow to get skills and fitting the Troll also means not starting with the Apothecary.

You have 30k left that you can spend on Dedicated Fans, or save up for the Apothecary or the last Black Orc. Getting the Apothecary first offers protection for your existing players but delays getting that last slow skill Black Orc.

A lot of Goblins and 5 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
7Goblin Bruiser Lineman315k
3Black Orc270k
1Trained Troll115k

With access to bribes at half price, if you like fouling you could opt to start with a lot of Goblin Bruisers to keep your team’s value lower. The above is a way to go that will allow you to get two free bribes from incentives against most teams. You could reduce the Troll to a Black Orc and an extra Goblin Bruiser for a 900k team and have twelve starting players. Of course, you could go all out and have 11 Goblins and 3 rerolls for 675k base. Then you’ll have even more incentive money to hire Chainsaw players along with getting cheap bribes. I think if you are thinking of going this route, then you would be better off playing with a standard Goblins team.

Black Orcs are the largest, strongest and most ruthless of all Orcs. They use only the toughest Goblins for their equipment.

Black Orc Team Overview:

Jim: “And here come the new guys.”

Bob: “That’s right, Jim. The Black Orcs, they’re the biggest and strongest of all the Orcs.”

Jim: “Some think their name comes from their dark skin, but it’s more because of their dour, grim humor.”

Bob: “They’re so focused on violence that it’s no wonder crowds of fans flock to see them.”

Jim: “They see the other greenskins as mere amateurs. But the Black Orcs aren’t stupid, so they hire the toughest Goblins to play with them, training them hard with regular blows to the head.”

Bob: “These little guys have a tough time on their teams, but as my coach used to say, “You’re not on the team until you’ve knocked out a couple of teeth.”

Jim: “Wise words, Bob. Also, did you know they use trolls to add more violence and fun to the whole thing?”

Bob: “How they know what we like, Jim…”

Jim: “Here we see that these big guys are well equipped, with good armor and skills.”

Bob: “With their “Brawler” ability they won’t go down easily if they get a bad roll. Also, with Grab they will be able to clear the way for the goblins.”

Bob: “Your goblins have “Thick Skull” which gives them the stamina they need to hold their own in this tough team.”

Jim: “We can’t forget the Orc fan favorite star player. The fearsome Varag Ghoul-Chewer!”

Bob: “Great Blizter and team captain, voted “Man of the Year” by “Orcworld Magazine” in 2485, with 52 “Touchdowns” and 299 opponents killed on his record.”

Jim: “Shouldn’t he be banned?”

Bob: “Whew, I hope not. Any Orc team would be glad to have him in their ranks.”

Black Orc Team Summary

The Black Orc team is a good team to start playing with, and a great team for veteran trainers. The Black Orcs have a lot of Strength and Endurance, which, together with the ability to Move Away allows them to place the enemy where it suits us best to create gaps and have opportunities to score TOUCHDOWN.

It is a slow team, but they make up for their lack of speed and agility with some goblins with vitamins specially selected to be more resistant than their cousins from other teams. Between the 2 of them they have a good combination of Strength and Agility that will put the opposing team in more than one predicament.

On the other hand, the lack of positional variety and overall poor agility makes passing difficult and leaves few options for scoring. The classic plays would be, use the Orc wall and advance until a goblin can score and create a cage over the ball carrier.

PS: The Mastered Troll will make the games more fun and chaotic.

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