Necromantic Horror Blood Bowl Team

Nicromantic Horror Blood Bowl Team

β˜… Necromantic Horror β˜…

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Ghoul Runners75k733+4+8+DodgeAGPS
Wraith95k633+–9+Block, Foul Appearance, No Hands, Regeneration, Side StepGSA
Werewolf125k833+4+9+Claws, Frenzy, RegenerationAGPS
Flesh Golem115k444+–10+Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick SkullGSA
ReRolls70kApothecary: No
Special RulesMasters of Undeath, Sylvanian Spotlight
Necromantic Horror Blood Bowl Team Roster

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Necromantic Horror Team Strengths:

  • Lots of Regenerate
  • Cheap Linemen

Necromantic Horror Team Weaknesses:

  • No Ball Handling Skills
  • Expensive Rerolls

Starting Roster Necromantic Horror Team

Max Agility

QTYPlayers / ExtraCost
2Ghoul Runners150k

The team starts with the six most agile and fast players (although Wraiths can’t handle the ball). It also maximizes the initial Block, Dodge and both Wraiths and Werewolves have some other useful abilities. Starting with three rerolls avoids having to save an exorbitant amount later on. Although you have to give up the Flesh Golems, you can start saving up for them directly, since you are not allowed to have an Apothecary anyway. Flesh Golems will appeal to you early on as they can be slow to get, however they are quite useful even as a novice player when you get them.

10 Players with Regeneration

QTYPlayers / ExtraCost
1Ghoul Runners75k
2Flesh Golems230k

Before you could go without Ghouls and have all position players with Regeneration in a starting lineup. With the new rules, you go 10k over the starting amount, so you can’t do that anymore. It would have also meant that you would only have the two Werewolves to do the ball handling. With a Wraith and a Necrophage you almost have all the Regeneration option and that extra player who is better at ball handling.

Starting with the Flesh Golems gives them the most time to gather star player points, but the tradeoff is that there are only two rerolls. You can get a little more agility by trading one of the Werewolves and a Zombie for the second Ghoul and the Wraith. That would also mean another player with Block and another with Dodge on the team as well.

No Werewolves

QTYPlayers / ExtraCost
2Ghoul Runners150k
2Flesh Golems230k

This is essentially the maximum agility list but with the Werewolves swapped out for the Flesh Golems. This also gives you 20k in the bank or some Dedicated Fans. In this case, since you’re not trying to get an apothecary after the first game, the Dedicated Fans will help you save up for Werewolves a little faster. The downsides are that it makes your team a bit slower and your two main players are low on armor and don’t have Regeneration to extend their lives.

The damned and the damned do not always lurk in the forests or graveyards of the Old World. Sometimes they gather together, forming a group to hunt down the more fortunate souls. These groups, who find relief in mad outbursts of terrible violence, do the best they can to alleviate their suffering: they go for a good game of Blood Bowl.

Team Summary

Necromancers are the less strong and faster version of the Undead team. They have immobile Golems instead of Mummies and sacrifice two of the Ghouls for Werewolves. Both types of players are great, Golems can tie up players and slow down cages as well as blocking paths against weaker teams. Werewolves are tougher than ghouls and are great attackers that take out players regardless of their armor.

Of all the hardest hitting teams, they are probably one of the worst to initially cage. They have neither the strength nor the initial hitting ability that other teams of this type have. This can be a challenge when facing them, as perhaps their style of play leans more towards a fast running game than a more direct hitting style.

For beginners, I don’t think they are the best team for the reasons stated above. Coupled with the complicated skills that werewolves start with, I think they may be too complex for a trainer just starting out.

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