Slaanesh Blood Bowl Team

Slaanesh team by MountyC
Slaanesh team by MountyC

★ Slaanesh ★

#Unoficial Team

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills ans TraitsPriSec
Slaangors100k732+3+8+Horns, Prehensile TailGAMSP
Slaanesh Warriors110k643+5+9+Claws, Very Long LegsAGPS
ReRolls70kApothecary: Si
Special RulesFavoured of Slaanesh

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“Raise buildings and sing songs in My Glory. In My name, pursue your arts and enshrine all beauty. Let all people follow their every desire, sate their every hunger, and deny themselves no adventure. For it is in these things, and in others, that you will find the greatest pleasure, and it is through these things, and through each other, that you shall rise yourselves higher, even unto the steps of My throne. You will take pleasure in all that is, though your bodies will break and your souls be forfeit. For I am Slaanesh, most jealous of gods, and most demanding of lovers, and My thirst for you shall never be sated…”.

—The Satin Throne, Verses 1-7, from the Liber Chaotica

Slaanesh Team Overview

Jim and Bob

Jim: Bob, have you heard about this new Slaanesh team?

Bob: Slaanesh? You mean the Chaos god of excess and pleasure?

Jim: That’s the one. And let me tell you, this team is full of some of the most disturbing players I’ve ever seen.

Bob: I can only imagine. What kind of twisted abilities do they have?

Jim: Well, for starters, their players are fast and agile. And they’re not just fast, they’re seductive too.

Bob: That’s pretty unsettling. What else?

Jim: Their daemonic mutations are just as weird. Some players have prehensile tails to grab onto their opponents, while others have horns to trip them up. And don’t even get me started on the claws feet.

Bob: Yikes. So they’re fast, seductive, and dangerous. Is there anything these players can’t do?

Jim: They do have one major weakness, and that’s their poor armor. They’re just not as tough as some of the other teams out there.

Bob: That’s good to know. So who should we watch out for on this team?

Jim: Well, there’s the Slaanesh Warriors, who’s a real playmaker. They are fast, they got Very Long Legs, and they can even strengh 4. Then there’s the Daemonettes, who are basically a bunch of agile killers with sharp claws and murderous intent.

Bob: Sounds like a fun team to watch, as long as they’re not playing against us.

Jim: Ha, yeah, I think we’ll just stick to our good old-fashioned Orcs for now. But you never know, maybe we’ll get tempted by the pleasures of Slaanesh someday…

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