Amazon Blood Bowl Team

Amazon Blood Bowl Team

★ Amazon ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Eagle Warrior Linewomen50k633+4+8+DodgeGAS
Python Warrior Throwers80k633+3+8+Dodge, On The Ball, Pass, Safe PassGPAS
Piranha Warrior Blitzers90k733+5+8+DodgeHit and Run, Jump UpAGS
Jaguar Warrior Blockers110k643+5+9+Defensive, DodgeGSA
ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesLustrian Superleague
Amazon Blood Bowl Team

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  • Everyone has Dodge
  • Good value Linemen
  • Hard to knock over


  • Low armour
  • Average Stats
  • No Block and few ball handling skills

Amazon Star Players

  • Akhorne the Squirrel
  • Boa Kon’ssstriktr
  • Estelle la Veneaux
  • Grak & Crumbleberry
  • Gotl Stop
  • Grombrindal
  • Helmutt Wolf
  • Karla Von Kill
  • Mighty Zug
  • Morg ‘n’ Thorg
  • Zolcath le Zoat

Starting Roster Amazon Team

Full Team + 3 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
5xEagle Warrior Linewoman250k
2xPiranha Warrior Blitzer180k
2xPython Warrior Thrower160k
2xJaguar Warrior Blocker220k
+1Dedicated Fans10k

Blood Bowl has just the right mix of death, destruction, strategy and tactics that is so appealing to Amazon teams.

Team Overview:

Bob & Jim

Bob: “Welcome sports lovers! With me tonight we have Jim Johnson!”

Jim: “Thank you, Bob. Tonight we’re featuring a team that’s been in the sport for a short time, the Amazons.”

Bob: “That’s right, Jim. The Amazons discovered our favourite sport relatively recently, the right mix of death, destruction, strategy and tactics that the Amazons love so much, that’s what encouraged these warriors to dish out tackles everywhere.”

Jim: “The society of the Amazons is based on the assumption that men are a bunch of hillbillies with nothing inside their heads who can only be entrusted with the simplest and heaviest of household chores. Admittedly, Bob, the crazy things Blood Bowl players do both on and off the field support such assertions.”

Bob: “Not to mention the stupid things done by the male fans in the stands. I remember the time I ended up throwing at the referee instead of the ball just to win a bet.”

Jim: “Be that as it may, it is the Amazon women who perform the most important tasks in society. This exceptional distribution has created an extremely prosperous society that has managed to gain a foothold and grow along the Lustrian coast.”

Bob: “Years of warfare in Lustria against settlers and Lizardmen have created the strongest and toughest women in the Old and New Worlds. Amazons never give up!”

Jim: “Their formidable agility makes them a very fast team, but not wearing much armour if any opponent catches them they will end up in the mud like everyone else.”

Bob: “Their key players are the Blitzers, who are some of the best melee players, they hit first and ask questions later.”

Jim: “Some teams after biting the dust against the Amazons falsely claim they are men disguised as women, something that has been disproved many times, plus the players themselves dare anyone to come to the field to check it out.”

Bob: “This discussion can only be cleared up with a good game of Blood Bowl and a few less teeth. Just like old times.”

Jim: “You’re absolutely right, Bob.”

Amazon Team Summary:

The Amazon team has one big and apparent advantage over most teams and that is that they all start with the Dodge ability. This gives them some versatility when it comes to moving players around, as well as making them harder to take down. They also start with four players who have the combination of Block and Dodge. These four Blitzers also have access to strength abilities and can easily be charged up to be very problematic for teams. The rest of the team can also get Blocked easily and an entire Block and Dodge team will stand up most of the time after being blocked.

However, it’s not all good and some teams, especially Dwarves, who have a lot of Tackle abilities can nullify their biggest advantage. Players are all fragile with AV7 when they go down as well. All players have an average stat line, they are not fast, not agile and not strong. Although they are also not slow, weak or terrible at ball handling. Although all your players have the ability to dodge, that doesn’t mean that it is better to do as much dodging as possible, with AG3 you will soon realise that there may be better ways forward with this team.

For beginners they are a good team, they are not really poor in any area and with the team being pretty cheap overall, you can afford a few skilled players and have a few dice rolls. They can be fairly forgiving in that regard and as they are harder to break down than most teams, most of the time they will have players for the coach to use. That said, leagues with a lot of Dwarf and Chaos Dwarf teams can make the Amazons a tricky proposition.

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