Lizardmen Blood Bowl Team

Lizardmen Blood Bowl Team

★ Lizardmen ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Skink60k823+4+8+Dodge, StuntyAGPS
Chameleon Skink70k723+3+8+Dodge, On the Ball, Shadowing, StuntyAGPS
Kroxigor140k655+10+Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Prehensile Tail, Thick SkullSAG
ReRolls70kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesLustrian Superleague
Lizardmen Blood Bowl Team

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Lizardmen Team Strengths:

  • Fast
  • Half the team is strong and high armoured
  • Dodge and Stunty

Lizardmen Team Weaknesses:

  • Half the team is weak and fragile (stunty)
  • Lacking good starting skills
  • Very poor at passing



B=Saurus Blocker


Starting Roster Lizardmen Team

6 Saurus

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
5Skink Runner Linemen300k
6Saurus Blockers510k

Saurus are important to a Lizardmen team, as they provide protection for the more fragile players. They are also slow to improve, as they start with no skills and have very little agility. Starting with the maximum amount gives you more games for them to get star player points. Unfortunately, you can no longer afford to get three rerolls at the same time, although there is enough in the bank to get an Apothecary.

2 Chameleons

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
3Skink Runner Linemen180k
2Chameleon Skinks140k
6Saurus Blockers510k

As in the previous list, you’re trading the initial Apothecary to upgrade two of the standard Skinks for the new Chameleons. At first glance they may not seem worth the extra 10k price tag, especially since they are a bit slower than a standard Skink. The “On The Ball” skill will make you think they are designed to pick up the throw-in (since the old “Kick Off Return” skill is combined), although all Skinks are fast enough to cover the backfield with ease. The other half of the skill combination is the old Pass Blocking skill, which when you’ve combined it with Shadow gives you a good defensive option against (the admittedly quite rare) pass play. This combination becomes even more worrisome once you have Side Step and then Diving Tackle on them as well. You can save the extra 30k to get an Apothecary after the first game or get some Dedicated Fans to increase your game gains.


QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
6Skink Runner Linemen360k
4Saurus Blockers340k

With the price increases of the rerolls and Saurus you can no longer start with the six Saurus, the Kroxigor and still afford two rerolls once you have reached the minimum of eleven players. To include the Kroxigor along with the two dice rolls you have to give up not one, but two Saurus blockers. You can squeeze in five Saurus and an Apothecary if you go down to one dice roll, but it’s going to be hard to play.

3 Reroll

CantidadJugador / ExtrasCoste
6Skink Runner Linemen360k
5Saurus Blockers425k

If you wanted to have three retreats to start with, this is the strongest you can start the team. Your Skinks are going to be more exposed since you only have five Saurus and it also means that the Saurus are going to take a little longer to be enabled (less of them blocking and fewer changes the MVP drops on them). Getting extra rerolls is going to take you a while to save, especially since they are already expensive before the price doubles for them. There is also no one on the team who has primary access to passing skills to get a Leader reroll.

Team Developement


For the skinks, it’s best to enhance their mobility, so the combination of Sprint + Sure Feet gives you the ability to move up to 11 squares per turn with relative ease, which, among other things, facilitates the option of a semi-one-turn touchdown. Side Step is also very useful to prevent the opponent from positioning you in a way that benefits them when they block you. On the other hand, Catch significantly increases the chances of successful hand-offs, allowing you to move the ball from one end of the field to the other in a single turn.

For secondary skills, it is not common to use a skink offensively, but Block increases their survival chances, as well as facilitating blocks, even with two dice against, to try to create openings, either for carrying the ball themselves or for a teammate. Sure Hands is also a great option due to the team’s overall poor ball-handling skills.


For primary skills, your approach will be very similar to that of the skinks, so Sprint, Sure Feet, and Side Step are the most common options.

For secondary skills, if you have a chameleon in your team, they will generally be responsible for attempting to receive the ball due to their On the Ball skill. Therefore, the best option to avoid spending several turns trying to pick up the ball is Sure Hands, whether they will be the one to score or if you want to use them as a passer for one of your skinks to score.


With the saurians, you want them to stay standing and close to an opponent to prevent them from moving freely, so in most cases, the best option is Block, which provides (almost) everything you need. Guard can also be useful, especially against teams with many ST4 players, to ensure two-dice rolls, but Block is a safer option. If you want to add lethality, you can opt for Mighty Blow.


Considering that Block is a secondary skill for the Kroxigor, among the primary skills, the ones that best suit him are Guard, to support the saurians, or Break Tackle, if you are willing to risk him being the main Blitzer. Another interesting skill (though not a priority) is Stand Firm, as it prevents opponents from moving away from you and makes it harder for them to dodge due to your Prehensile Tail.


PlayerPrimary SkillsSecondary SkillsAttribute
SkinkSprint, Sure Feet, Side Step, CatchSure Hands, BlockMovement
ChameleonSprint, Sure Feet, Side Step, CatchSure HandsMovement
SaurusBlock, Guard, Mighty Blow, Defensive Block
KroxigorGuard, Break Tackle, Stand FirmBlock

Section created by: SmellyDiaper

Priests predicted the game of Blood Bowl thousands of years before it was discovered by the dwarf Roze-El. So it’s no wonder the Lizardmen play Blood Bowl.

Team Overview

Bob & Jim

Jim: “Good evening everyone! With me is Bob Bifford and today we’ll be talking about one of the oldest races playing Blood Bowl.”

Bob: “Good evening, Jim. That’s right, from Lustria the Lizardmen have been playing this game since long before that dwarf started translating the sacred texts. What was his name?”

Jim: “His name was Roze-El, Bob, and it’s true, they’ve been at it so long that it’s not surprising to see them in the games. They have a strange mix of speed and strength that can stand up to the Chaos brutes, keeping the Skavens at bay in speed.”

Bob: “The Saurians for example have a lot of strength and speed but not much Agility. However the Skinks are fast, move fast around the field, agile in dodging opponents, but have little armor and are terrible with the ball.”

Jim: “That’s why Lizardmen Teams have to link the 2 players to score fast with the Skins while clearing or blocking with the Saurians.”

Bob: “The team suffers from Abilities early on and the Saurians are slow to develop. If they don’t work together they can be in trouble.”

Jim: “In the hands d ‘expert coaches they are an excellent team that adapts to any opponent.”

Bob: “They have the ability to score quickly and hold their own against tough teams while taking down the more agile ones.”

Jim: “We can’t forget Kroxigor, a relentless predator, fast and huge, I think he’s one of the best big guys we can in Blood Bowl right now.”

Bob: “They’re scary Jim, I played against one in my younger days and I almost didn’t count it.”

Jim: “Are you tempering, Bob? I didn’t know you were afraid of anything.”

Bob: “Just that and needles, Jim. They told me later to stand still, that they only see you if you’re moving, I don’t know where they got that from.”

Jim: “Well let’s leave that for another day, Bob. Here ends our talk about the Lizard Men. See you next week with more information on all things Blood Bowl.”

Bob: “Best regards!”


Lizardmen teams have an unusual mix of speed, strength and agility. The Saurus have a lot of strength and speed, but can’t dodge or handle the ball very well. Skinks are very fast, can move down the field well, but are weak, have little armor and are terrible passers. The key to this team is to use both types of players to support each other. They have the ability to score quickly and the strength to slow down attacking teams and hit agile ones.

They suffer from the fact that they have very little in the way of starting skills and Saurus can be very slow to develop. If you don’t use them well in combination you can run into trouble. If the other team can keep attacking the Skinks, you will have no chance of handling the ball. If you run the ball away from the protection of the Saurus, they can get tied up and be unable to keep up.

For a beginner they can be quite tricky, they are not very good at handling the ball and don’t have the skills for reliable blocking to complement the force. If you let the team get separated on the field, the opposing team can attack the Skinks.

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