Norse Blood Bowl Team

Equipo Nordicos Blood Bowl

★ Norse ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Norse Raider Lineman50k633+4+8+BlockDrunkard, Thick SkullGAPS
Beer Boars20k513+6+Dodge, No HandsPick-me-up, Stunty, TitchyA
Norse Berserker90k633+5+8+Block, Frenzy, Jump UpGSAP
Valkyrie95k733+3+8+Catch, Dauntless, Pass, Strip BallAGPS
Yhetee / Snow Troll140k554+9+Claws, Disturbing Presence, Frenzy, Loner (4+), Unchannelled FurySAG
ReRolls60kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesPick One: Either ‘Favoured of… (choose either: Chaos Undivided or Khorne)’ or ‘Old World Classic’

Create your team roster

Norse Team Strengths:

  • Most Players have Block
  • Lots of Frenzy 🙂

Norse Team Weaknesses:

  • Low Armour
  • Lots of Frenzy 🙁

Starting Roster Norse Team

4 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
8Norse Linemen400k
2Werewolves / Ulfwerener210k

With cheap Linias being great at the beginning (when many other new teams are also playing) you can load up on them to save money and be able to afford a lot of rerolls. Valkyries are the only player with access to primary agility on the team and they are also the fastest. They are the fastest way to block and dodge a player and will do most of the ball carrying work. Ulfwereners are the hardest players to enable and add some strength to your team, so they would be my choice to start with. Guts in the reroll can also be useful against some stronger teams.

With four rerolls you will never need to buy more and with so much Blocking you can save them for when you need to Dodge or do some ball handling. They also allow you to be a little freer when doing those one die blocks with your Block players. You even have enough budget to start with the Apothecary straight away. Since you don’t need to save up for that or for more rerolls, you can go straight to adding Berserkers, which as positional players aren’t that expensive either.

Yhetee + 3 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtraCost
7Norse Linemen350k

This list gives you the three strongest starting players you have access to, which can be slow to develop. Three fallbacks are very useful for keeping your options open for most of the game. The valkyrie is there for a bit of speed and you’ll want to start getting skills on her as soon as possible. Berserkers take a backseat again, as they are pretty good as soon as you buy them. You can’t include an apothecary to begin with, although you do have the option of swapping the valkyrie for another lineman if you want. This is probably the most complete option and the one I would recommend to most people.

You can also trade two linemen and pick up a beer boar and the second valkyrie, which leaves you with 10k in the bank. That means two less players with Blockade on the field, along with one player with very little armor strength. However, the boar pick-me-up can be useful and the second valkyrie can be difficult for the other team to defend.

12 Strong Players

QTYJugador / ExtraCost
4Norse Linemen200k
2Beer Boars40k
2Norse Berserkers180k

The addition of the Beer Boars gives you two very cheap players that allow you to spread the funds around more. The Beer Boars are quite weak and fragile, but their Pick-me-up trait can be useful. They are cheap enough that you don’t mind losing them by fouling and it also means you can start with twelve players. You can also opt to drop one of them to save 20k for an apothecary after the first game. The existence of the Beer Boars not only means that you can afford most of your best players, but there is also enough money to have three rerolls.

Max Frenzy

QTYPlayers / ExtraCost
5Norse Linemen250k
2Norse Berserkers180k

While I’d probably look to start with a valkyrie rather than a berserker, if you’re a frenzy fan then this gives you the five frenzy players to start with. Unfortunately, you can’t get three dice rolls in, but there is enough money to get an apothecary. As someone who likes dice rolls, starting with two is not a route I would choose, especially since they cost twice as much after team building. You could downgrade one of the positional players to Lineman, which would free up the funds to start with an Apothecary.

Complete Team

QTYPlayers / ExtraCost
2Norse Linemen100k
2Beer Boars40k
2Norse Berserkers180k

This list is the other end of the spectrum from the first. Starting with only two rerolls and only two lines, you can include all the positional players that the Nordic team can select. Mind you, it has eleven players in short supply and two of them are strength one with low armor. Hopefully you can secure all your starting skills to alleviate the need for dice rolls. If you end up losing the boars, a Nordic day player is one of the most useful day types you can get.

Nordic teams have a well-deserved reputation for ferocity both on and off the field. Blood Bowl-playing Norsemen are a truly unedifying specimen, interested only in beer, women and song off the field, and beer, women and bloody carnage while on it.

Nordic Blood Bowl Team Summary

Nordic teams are characterized by the fact that most of their players start with the Blocking skill. This makes them quite good out of the box and one of the most reliable teams for the blocking game. They have great players who have Frenzy, which means they can open holes in the defense and get a lot of takedowns.

The downside of the Norse is their low armor value. While they tend to get knocked down less overall, they break more often when they go down. Teams also don’t have a dedicated Catcher and average agility isn’t very good at passing. The amount of Frenzy on the team can also be quite difficult to manage, having players dragged out of position or doing rerolls you’d rather avoid.

For beginners it can be hit or miss, the amount of Blocking they have can be forgiven but priority should be given to learning how to use the Frenzy and avoid its pitfalls. However, in case the team takes a beating, journymen Nordic players are a good substitute. I quite like them as a beginner’s team, but with the caveat that Frenzy must be used.

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