Gnomes Join Blood Bowl with new Star Player!

Introducing the Gnomes, a formidable new team bringing animals, illusions, and pointy hats to the Blood Bowl arena. With a blend of natural talent and cunning tricks, these diminutive players are set to shake up the league.

From Beastmasters teaming up with ferocious geese to speedy foxes carrying the ball, the Gnomes utilize their furry friends and mastery of illusions to secure touchdowns. But they’re not alone – towering Altern Forest Treemen lend their strength, though their slow movement requires careful management.

Rivaling Halflings in Stunty team lore, Gnomes offer budget-friendly options and skilled linemen with surprising resilience. Led by Beastmasters boasting the powerful Guard skill, this team promises exciting matches ahead.

Stellar Fisherman as Star Player

At the Warhammer World Anniversary Preview, the Blood Bowl Gnome Team introduced a unique addition: Rodney Roachbait, legendary Star Player and infamous lineman of the Altdorf Park Anglers.

Rodney, an unconventional gnome player, joined the Altdorf Park Anglers to prove that Blood Bowl was easier than fishing. Despite initial setbacks, his angling prowess helped secure a victory against the Merry Mootmen Halfling team.

Teams recruiting Rodney can expect him to use his “Catch of the Day” ability once per half to snatch an uncontrolled ball. With his Stunty and Sidestep skills, opponents will struggle to tackle him. Halfling Thimble Cup teams can acquire Rodney for just 70,000 GP. Keep an eye out for his release from Forge World.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach their release!

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