Khemri Blood Bowl Team

Khemri Blood Bowl Team

★ Khemri ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Skeleton40k534+6+8+Regeneration, Thick SkullGAS
Anointed Thrower70k634+3+8+Pass, Regeneration, Sure Hands, Thick SkullGPA
Anointed Blitzer90k634+6+9+Block, Regeneration, Thick SkullGSAP
Tomb Guardian100k455+10+Decay, RegenerationSAG
ReRolls70kApothecary: No
Special RulesSylvanian Spotlight
Khemri Blood Bowl Team Roster

Create your team roster

Tomb Kings Team Strength:

  • Four ST5 Players
  • Every Player has Regenerate
  • Very Cheap Linemen

Tomb Kings Team Weaknesses:

  • Expensive Reroll
  • Low Agility

Starting Roster Khemri Team

No Throwers

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
5Skeleton Linemen200k
2Anointed Blitzers / Blitz-ra180k
4Tomb Guardians400k

This is probably the most common and straightforward configuration. You have all four Guardians of the Tomb to get maximum strength. The Blitzers are more important than the Throwers since they start with Block and you want to get them some star player points. Once you have the Throwers, they will most likely be the ones scoring all the points since your team has little agility. Having two Blitzers means that one is still free to do his blitz actions while the other carries the ball.

Ideally, you are not going to perform any ball-handling actions beyond picking up the ball, so you might think you don’t need many rerolls. However, even with the high strength of your Grave Guardians, they don’t start with Blocking, so you might need your rerolls for them as well. If you are playing against strength three players, try to make all your hits with them have three dice in your favor. Besides being safer for you, that will also generate more knockdowns. Depending on how your shots go, you may also need to do some Go For Its / Rushes and they are much more comfortable to do if you have a reroll. That said, don’t make them an unnecessary habit!

Anointed Throwers

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
4Skeleton Linemen160k
2Anointed Throwers / Thro-Ra140k
1Anointed Blitzer / Blitz-Ra90k
4Tomb Guardians400k

If you drop one of the Blitzers, you can include the two Throwers in your starting lineup. You get Safe Hands, which is a very useful skill for your team, however, you are trading a probably more valuable Blocking player to do so. Also, having two Throwers who will pick up the ball will cause them to score most of your touchdowns. You are leaving your Blitzer to do all the blitzing, as he is the best player you have to do it. This means they are going to take longer to get any skills, as you are just relying on getting downs, unless you try a risky hand off to them to score.

12 Players

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
6Skeleton Linemen240k
1Anointed Throwers / Thro-Ra70k
2Anointed Blitzer / Blitz-Ra180k
3Tomb Guardians300k

As the Khemri are slower and less agile than even a team of Dwarves, it is important to achieve numerical superiority on the field. If you are outnumbered, the other team will probably not find it too difficult to pin you down. There are a few ways to get an extra player, either by pulling a reroll, or by pulling a Grave Guardian. Neither seems that good, the price of rerolls doubles after team building, so it will take you ages to save up for a third if you start with two. Having only three tomb guards reduces the strength of the team quite a bit. You’ll definitely need the two Blitzers if you’re going to start with only three Grave Guardians, and carrying a Launcher means you’re not tying up one of the Blitzers carrying the ball.

The extra player helps to avoid being outnumbered and you have an extra player if you want to do some sideline fouls. I think the compensation is too great compared to other starting rosters, especially since skeletons are cheap, so getting the number of players after the first game is pretty easy.

4 Rerolls + 4 Tomb Guardians

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
8Skeleton Linemen320k
4Tomb Guardians400k

What if I told you that you could get twelve players and a whopping four rerolls to start your team? That sounds great, but the tradeoff is that you don’t start with any block players and you’ve made your team a little slower. You can certainly make it work, although it will take a while before you can fill out the squad with Blitzers and Throwers.

Over 8,000 years ago, the Khemri played the first games of Blood Bowl against the Slann. But as the Kingdom died out, so did the game until its rediscovery. And when the game returned, it was inevitable that the former Khemri players and stars would return to the field on which they once played.

Khemri Team Summary:

Khemri teams are generally known for the fact that they have four ST5 Mummies, which makes them very strong. They are the only team in the game where all players regenerate, which makes them very tough, especially if they hide behind mummies. Cheap skeletons also allow you to complete the squad, which means you will rarely have to start a game without the full eleven players.

The disadvantage of the Khemri team is that it is a bit slow, but its biggest weakness is the low agility of the whole team. This means good tracking, as if the ball carrier gets isolated or the ball is lost, the team may have trouble getting it back, let alone getting it into the end zone. Rain is also something the Khemri team does not want to see, this further exaggerates their low agility disadvantage.

For beginners, the Khemri can be very difficult to coach due to their low agility. Since even picking up the ball in the first place can be futile, trying to make a hand off or passing play, can frustrate to the point of wanting to quit. I would suggest starting with another team when you have a better understanding of the game mechanics and probabilities before progressing to training Khemri.

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