Gnome Blood Bowl Team


QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAV Skills and TraitsPriSec
Gnome linemen40k523+4+7+Jump Up, Right Stuff, Stunty, WrestleAGS
Gnome Illusionist50k523+3+7+Jump Up, Stunty, Trickster, WrestleAPG
Woodland Fox50k722+6+Dodge, My Ball, SideStep, StuntyA
Gnome Beastmaster 55k523+4+8+Guard, Jump Up, Stunty, WrestleAGS
Altern Forest Treeman120k265+5+11+Mighty Blow (+1)Stand FirmStrong ArmTake RootThick SkullThrow Team MateTimmm-ber!SAGP
ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesHalfling Thimble Cup
Gnome Blood Bowl Team

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  • Lines with a combination of Grapple + On Foot in one Jump
  • Extremely mobile and elusive foxes
  • Very cheap equipment


  • Weak
  • Fragile
  • They don’t have starting dodge like most players of S2 or less.

Gnome Star Players:

Akhorne The Squirrel, Barik Farblast, Deeproot Strongbranch, Grak & Crumbleberry, Griff Oberwald, Helmutt Wolf, Karla Von Kill, Mighty Zug, Morg ‘n’ Thorg, Rumbelow Sheepskin, Grombrindal, Frank’N Stein, Ivar Erikson, Skrorg Snowplet, Thorsson Stouthead.

Team Development

Gnome Linemen

Gnomes are a quite peculiar, slippery team based more on contact than on dodging, which is why they don’t have the Dodge skill by default. However, it is undoubtedly the skill that suits them best because it increases the chances of that contact game being effective (the only way the opponent can roll armor against them is with a POW) and also allows you to reroll dodges when it is better to reposition rather than stay in contact. Therefore, it is by far the best option. Beyond that, Sneaky Git is always useful, as well as skills that enhance mobility (Sure Feet and Sprint).

Gnome Illusionists

Illusionists are good ball receivers with acceptable agility and the best passing level on the team. It is most likely that you will want at least one of them to be in the landing zone of the ball. Considering this and their exclusive skill, Beguile, the most beneficial skill for them is Side Step, so that if they are the target of a block or a blitz, they can reposition before and after the opponent rolls the dice, allowing them to choose the most advantageous position. Of course, Dodge is also great for them, and if you want an extra reroll, you can give them Leader.

As a secondary skill, Sure Hands provides a lot of reassurance when picking up the ball.

Woodland Foxes

Foxes can only gain Agility skills as primaries and already have the best ones, so you can choose mobility skills (Sure Feet and Sprint) or those that help with ball control. Catch isn’t necessary due to their 2+ Agility but greatly increases success chances even in adverse conditions (opponents around, rainy weather, bouncing ball…). Leap can enable spectacular escapes, although with their agility and being slippery, they should usually have viable escape routes.

Gnome Beastmaster

Beastmasters are generally there to support the rest of the team to counter their low strength. Despite their mediocre armor, they are the most resilient gnomes, so proper positioning is crucial. The most useful skills for this are Dodge to avoid being knocked down and Side Step to reposition if an opponent tries to push you away, allowing you to stay in the most advantageous spot. Wrestle can also be useful to make it harder for opponents to dodge.

As a secondary skill, Stand Firm can be very useful for their role, although Side Step is cheaper as a primary skill.


The classic role for Big Guys, especially for weaker teams, is to support the rest of the team and draw opponent resources. Therefore, the most broadly useful skill is Guard. Another very useful skill is Grab, so that even if they are Rooted, they can move opponents to the most convenient position without losing contact or even attract them to a square where they can be fouled if you like making fouls.

The secondary skills that benefit them the most are Pro for rerolling dice (such as rooting or blocking, though it can’t be used to stand up), Block for safer blocking, and Multiple Block can be interesting because they will likely start each engagement with a supporting Beastmaster nearby.


PlayersPrimary SkillsSecondary Skills
Gnome LinemenDodge, Sneaky Git, Sure Feet, Sprint
Gnome IllusionistsSide Step, Dodge, LeaderSure Hands
Woodland FoxesSure Feet, Sprint, Catch, Leap
Gnome BeastmastersDodge, Side Step, WrestleStand Firm
TreemenGuard, GrabPro, Block, Multiple Block

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