Underworld Denizens Blood Bowl Team

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★ Underworld Denizens ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Goblin40k623+4+8+Dodge, Stunty, Right StuffAMGS
Snotling15k513+5+6+Dodge, Right Stuff, Side Step, Stunty, Swarming, TitchyAMG
Skaven Clanrat50k733+4+8+Animosity (Goblins)GMAS
Skaven Thrower85k733+2+8+Animosity (Goblins), Pass, Sure HandsGMPAS
Gutter Runner85k922+4+8+Animosity (Goblins), DodgeAGMPS
Skaven Blitzer90k733+5+9+Animosity (Goblins), BlockGMSAP
1 Of 2:
Underworld Troll115k455+5+10+Always Hungry, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Projectile Vomit, Really Stupid, Regeneration, Throw Team MateMSAGP
Mutant Rat Ogre150k654+9+Animal Savagery, Frenzy, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Prehensile TailMSAG
ReRolls70kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesBribery and Corruption, Underworld Challenge
Underworld Denizens Blood Bowl Team

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Underworld Denizens Team Strengths:

  • Normal Mutation Access
  • Fairly Cheap Players
  • Unusual Player Builds

Underworld Denizens Team Weaknesses:

  • Low Armour and Strength
  • Animosity
  • Expensive Rerolls

Starting Roster Underworld Denizens Team

Reroll Underworld

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
3Underworld Goblin Linemen120k
5Underworld Snotlings75k
3Skaven Clanrat150k
1Skaven Thrower85k
1Gutter Runner85k
1Skaven Blitzer90k
1Underworld Troll115k

With all the changes you can easily get to a team that starts with four rerolls. That’s more than most teams will take, but the team isn’t particularly agile and doesn’t have much Blocking. As teams develop, you will be weaker than almost all of your opponents, which makes blocking difficult. Rerolls can help you both block and dodge Skaven players who are not Gutter Runner. You can also try to throw teammates where, again, a reroll can be useful.

The team’s strengths are their speed and cheap players. The Snotlings add a new dimension with their Swarm ability. Since this ability allows you to place extra players in each inning, it makes sense to take advantage of it and have some on the roster. The obvious play in this case is to use them to draw fouls on the sidelines. You have extra players on the field and having a 15k player sent off for the chance to take a much more expensive player could help your numerical advantage. While the whole team is pretty fragile, Goblins and Snotling start with Dodge to help protect them and also to get away from opponents.

Not many teams can start with fifteen players and four dice rolls. Plus, you carry as many positional players as possible. The only thing to save at this point is an apothecary, which may take a game or two. There is always the option of trading a Goblin and a Snotling to start with the Apothecary, which might be worth it. If you are worried about having so many Snotlings, you can trade three of them for an extra Goblin. This means that you won’t be able to max out the Swarm ability if you get a high D3 roll at the start of each entry.

Low Team Value

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
4Underworld Snotlings60k
3Skaven Clanrat150k
1Skaven Thrower85k
1Gutter Runner85k
1Skaven Blitzer90k
1Underworld Troll115k

Another way some coaches play is to keep the value of the team low and then rely on incentives. Star player prices have dropped quite a bit in the second season and underworld teams can also take bribes at half price. Frankly, there are so many different ways to start a low cost team that trying to list them all here seems impractical. This gives you eleven players, all your positional players, a Big Guy and two rerolls. You have a low enough team value that you can afford to hire someone like Hakflem Skuttlespike and get a Bribe as well. Trade a Clanrat for a Goblin and you’ll have enough for two Bribes (assuming the opponent has an equipment value of 1000k).

As written, the downside of the team is that you won’t be able to take full advantage of the Swarm. With a Star Player you could assemble just one extra Snotling. You could buy a couple of Goblins and still have enough to hire Hakflem. That gives you a total of fourteen players which will be enough to take full advantage of the Swarm roll, at least before players start getting knocked out or injured.

On occasion, the Skaven and Goblins that live underneath all the hated races that walk above the sun come together to form Blood Bowl teams. The Underworld Creepers are the best known and most successful of these Underworld teams to date. However, these teams tend to have very poor records, as they spend most of their time fighting and blaming each other for mistakes on every play. The one feature of this team that gets a lot of fans to attend is that the players sleep and bathe in Warpstone (and some eat it). While this kills most potential players before they join the team, those who survive often develop fascinating mutations.

Underworld Blood Bowl Team Summary:

Underworld Denizens teams are a mixed race team combining Chaotic Goblins and Skaven and now in 2020, Snotlings, making for an interesting lineup. All team members can get Mutations as normal abilities and the players are fairly cheap. While none of the players are particularly good, Mutations will allow you to develop them in a useful way and allow you to coordinate the team well. Stunned players with mutations can get some combos that can create problems for other teams, for example. The team also has the ability to score touchdowns in a turn using a teammate, a high-risk, high-reward style of play.

On paper, however, the disadvantages seem to outweigh the advantages. The team has little armor and low strength and can suffer greatly in attrition games. They don’t have many basic skills early on and most of the team doesn’t even have access to general skills in normal rolls. Team rolls are expensive and Animosity between the races on the team can cause problems with ball handling.

It is certainly one of the most complicated teams to use and so perhaps not the best for a beginner. Animosity can get you into trouble at the worst times and players with low strength and armor will not be so forgiving. However, if you are up for a challenge, they can be very entertaining and cause unexpected problems for opponents that other races can’t use.

Underworld Star Players

  • Akhorne
  • The Black Gobbo
  • Bomber Dribblesnot
  • Fungus the Loon
  • Glart Smahrip
  • Grak & Crumbleberry
  • Hakflem Skuttlespike
  • Helmutt Wolf
  • Kreek Rustgouger
  • Morg ‘n’ Thorg
  • Varag Ghoul–Chewer

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