Old World Aliance Blood Bowl Team

Old World Alliance Blood Bowl Team

★Old World Aliance★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Human Lineman50k633+4+9+GAS
Human Thrower80k633+3+9+Animosity (Dwarf and Halfling), Pass, Sure HandsGPAS
Human Catcher65k823+5+8+Animosity (Dwarf and Halfling), Catch, DodgeAGS
Human Blitzer90k733+4+9+Animosity (Dwarf and Halfling), BlockGSA
Dwarf Blocker75k434+5+10+Arm Bar, Brawler, Loner (3+), Thick SkullGSA
Dwarf Runner85k633+4+9+Loner (3+), Sure Hands, Thick SkullGPAS
Dwarf Blitzer80k533+4+10+Block, Loner (3+), Thick SkullGSA
Troll Slayer95k534+9+Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Loner (3+), Thick SkullGSA
Halfling30k523+4+7+Animosity (Dwarf and Human), Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyAGS
1 Of 2:
Ogre140k554+5+10+Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (1+), Thick Skull, Throw Team MateSAG
Altern Forest Treeman120k265+5+11+Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Stand Firm, Strong Arm, Take Root, Thick Skull, Throw Team Mate, Timmm-ber!SAGP
ReRolls70kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesOld World Classic

Create your team roster


  • Large variety of players
  • Decent Armor
  • Average prices


  • Animosity
  • Average Agility and Ball Handling

Basic Set-Ups


R = Runner/Catcher
B = Blitzers
B = Big Guy
H = Halfling
D = Dwarf
S = Troll Slayer
T = Thrower
L = Lineman


R = Runner/Catcher
B = Blitzers
B = Big Guy
H = Halfling
D = Dwarf
S = Troll Slayer
T = Thrower
L = Lineman

Starting Rosters – Old World Aliance

Basic Team

5OWA Human Linemen250k
1OWA Human Thrower80k
1OWA Human Blitzer90k
2OWA Dwarf Blockers150k
1OWA Dwarf Blitzer80k

This is the framework that I would start the team with. You get eleven players and three rerolls. Four of them have high armour, two with Block, two with Brawler and a Sure Hands Thrower. That leaves you with 20k in the bank which you have a few options on how you want to spend it.

  • Swap a Lineman for a Human Catcher: Gives you a fast and semi mobile player for when you need to score quickly and takes you up to twelve players (Leaves 5k in the bank)
  • Swap the Treeman for the Ogre: If you prefer the Ogre then you’ve just enough in the bank to start with the Ogre instead (Leaves none in the bank).

The cities of the Old World are bustling metropolises, populated by all kinds of races. From Kislev in the cold north to Estalia in the sweltering south, humans make their homes, joined by dwarves, halflings and others.

Team Overview:

Jim: Hey Bob, have you heard about the Old World Alliance team in Blood Bowl?

Bob: No, what’s that?

Jim: Well, it’s a mixed team with players from different races, but the problem with mixed teams is that they often just remove the drawbacks of the single race versions.

Bob: That’s interesting. Have people tried making mixed teams before?

Jim: Yeah, there have been players who want to make mixed teams for as long as Blood Bowl has existed. But this particular version of the Old World Alliance team is different.

Bob: How so?

Jim: Well, this time they avoided putting an Elf on the team, so I’m hopeful that it won’t turn out to be as overpowered as previous iterations.

Bob: I see. Well, let’s hope it works out.

Old World Alliance Star Players

  • Akhorne
  • Brik Farblast
  • Deeproot Strongbranch
  • Frank’N Stein
  • Grak & Crumbleberry
  • Griff Oberwald
  • Grim Ironjaw
  • Grombrindal
  • Helmutt Wolf
  • Ivar Erikson
  • Karla Von Kill
  • Mighty Zug
  • Morg ‘n’ Thorg
  • Rumbelow Sheepskin
  • Skrorg Snowplet
  • Thorsson Stouthead

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