Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

★ Dwarf ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Linemen70k434+5+10+Block, Tackle, Thick SkullGSA
Runner85k633+4+9+Sure Hands, Thick SkullGPAS
Blitzer80k533+4+10+Block, Thick SkullGSAP
Troll Slayer95k534+9+Block, Dauntless, Frenzy, Thick SkullGSA
Deathroller170k475+11+Break Tackle, Dirty Player (+2), Juggernaut, Loner (5+), Mighty Blow (+1), No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stand FirmSAG
ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesOld World Classic, Worlds Edge Superleague

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Dwarf Team Strengths:

  • High armour
  • Thick skull
  • Start with lots of block and tackle
  • Cheap rerolls

Dwarf Team Weaknesses:

  • Very slow
  • Lack good ball handlers

Basic Set-Up



Starting Roster Dwarf Team

No Deathroller

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
6Dwarf Blocker Lineman420k
1Troll Slayers95k

The obvious choice is to start with a single Troll Slayer. The other positional ones have better agility, which is one of the weaknesses of the Dwarven team. They also have slightly lower armor than most of their teammates and, although it is the same as the Runners, their extra agility and speed makes them more important. You also have the Frenzy factor, if your league has a lot of stronger teams then Frenzy is harder to work with until you start getting some players with Guard to help them out.

Since speed and low agility in general is the team’s disadvantage, I think starting with three rerolls helps. You can’t afford to start with an Apothecary, but with high armor and lots of Blockade you are one of the most survivable teams. Still, better to get an apothecary as soon as possible.

Deathroller + Dwarfs

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
8Dwarf Blocker Lineman560k

With the price increases it becomes even more difficult to fit a Deathroller into a starting team. To free up funds, it makes sense to start without Troll Slayers for the reasons stated above. Putting in three rerolls is not really practical. You also have to choose between leaving Blitzers or Runners (or one of each). The extra speed of the Runners is probably the biggest loss, even if they don’t start with Blitzers.

Looking at the player list, I think you’re giving up a lot and hurting yourself to start with the Deathroller. You only have eleven players and the most expensive of them is going to get sent down. One of the strengths of the Dwarf team is how hard it is to get them off the field, so taking a very expensive one who is going to be sent off goes against that strength.

You’re also spending more money on extra Blockers that you’re probably not going to want in the long run to keep your team value down. Assuming you don’t have lasting injuries, by the time you’ve added Blitzers and Troll Slayers to the team, you’ll have fifteen players, including the Deathroller. You’ll also probably want to save up to get an extra run (although some trainers won’t), which makes it hard to prioritize your spending.

Dwarves are among the first races to play Blood Bowl and seem to be the perfect players as they are short, strong and tough.


Bob & Jim

Jim: “Welcome back Sports Fans! Tonight I’m joined by Bob Bifford, and with him we’re going to talk about Dwarves in Blood Bowl.”

Bob: “Good evening Jim, that’s right, the Dwarves are among the first to start playing Blood Bowl alongside the Orcs. During a battle they found the ruins of a temple that turned out to be a temple to Nuffle.”

Jim: “That’s right, a Dwarf named Roze-El translated the sacred texts of Nuffle and thanks to that Blood Bowl is the best sport in the world. Also, Dwarves seem to be perfect for the sport. They are short, strong, stubborn and have the great ability to dodge death, they simply refuse to die.”

Bob: “Absolutely right, Jim. They’re only interested in Gold, Glory, Beer and their beards.”

Jim: “And not necessarily in that order.”

Bob: “Their premise is: if we can take on the biggest one the others will fall too.”

Jim: “The most recognizable players are the Dwarf “Troll-Killers”, with their crests as long as their beards, they can take on any opponent without fear. They prefer to run over their opponents rather than around them.”

Bob: “Look, like me!”

Jim: “Most Dwarf players can block players even stronger than they are. They are very strong but slow players, something had to be wrong with them. “

Bob: “They also like to use their famous steamroller. How I love that thing!”

Jim: “It’s totally illegal, but who cares about that?”

Bob: “I certainly don’t, Jim.”

Jim: “They’re one of the best choices for novice trainers and a delight for veterans. That’s all for today, more and better week!”

Bob: “Best regards!”

Jim: “See you next week! Subscribe and hit the like!”

Bob: “What?”

Jim: “I don’t know why I said that…”


Dwarf teams are probably the toughest team in the game. Most of their team has very high armor and they have thick skulls, which makes it harder to take them off the field, even if you manage to break their armor. They also start with some good skills, most of the team has blocking, they have a lot of tackles and the runners are good at picking up the ball. Dwarf teams also have the option of a death roller, which is the strongest piece in the game, although it tends to get kicked out by the referee quite often.

However, it’s not all good for dwarves, as due to their diminutive stature, dwarf teams are very slow. In addition, their strength is rather average compared to other traditional teams. To combat these weaknesses, it is important to position your players well or you can quickly find yourself out of position and stranded in the wrong part of the field while faster teams get away. Dwarves also benefit from being together to help each other, also if they are close to each other if the ball is lost, they should have many players nearby to try to retrieve it.

For a beginner, their slow movement and lack of ball handling skills can be difficult to handle. However, the fact that they are difficult to get off the field should allow you to have a full team most of the time. There are certainly easier options to start with.

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