Vampire Blood Bowl Team

Vampire Team - @janguitart
Vampire Team – painted by Jan Solo

β˜… Vampires β˜…

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Vampire Thrower110k642+2+9+Blood Lust (2+), Hypnotic Gaze, Pass, RegenerationAGPS
Vampire Blitzer110k742+5+9+Blood Lust (3+), Hypnotic Gaze, RegenerationAGS
Vampire Runner100k832+4+8+Blood Lust (2+), Hypnotic Gaze, RegenerationAGPS
Vargheist150k554+10+Blood Lust (3+), Claws, Frenzy, Loner (4+), RegenerationSAG
ReRolls60kApothecario: Si
Special RulesSylvanian Spotlight
Equipo Condes Vampiro

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  • ST4 AG4 Vampires
  • Cheap Lineman
  • Hypnotic Gaze


  • Expensive Rerolls
  • Bloodlust
  • Lacking Skills

Starting Roster Vampire Team

4 Vampires 4 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost

This is the roster I started with in a local league and I think it has the best balance between Vampires and rerolls. You don’t start with any useful abilities on the field other than Hypnotic Gaze (which is awesome), so the rerolls help a lot. Four Vampires can be a headache for opponents and can accomplish a lot on the field. Having the backing of a reroll allows you to push your luck, especially since you are no longer limited to using just one per turn. Vampires are much more reliable than before if you learn to work around Animal Savagery, although you will still end up biting quite a few teammates.

5 Vampires 3 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost

The alternative option is to start with five Vampires and three rerolls. Five Vampires can be even more difficult to manage, though it means one more player with Animal Savagery to work with. The risk of rotation is a little higher with only three dice rolls, but with good risk management and having five Vampires, this list has the potential to work better.

Although Vampire teams include a number of extremely capable players, they are let down by the Vampires’ unreliability. Although they should be concentrating on the game, their attention is often diverted to their hunger and, before you know it, they’re off for a quick bite!

Team Summary

Bob & Jim

Jim: Bob, have you heard of the Vampires in Blood Bowl?

Bob: No, I haven’t. What’s so special about them?

Jim: Well, at first glance, Vampires look like one of the best teams in the game. They have high strength and agility, and they even come with Regeneration and Hypnotic Gaze.

Bob: That does sound impressive. What about their backup players?

Jim: They have cheap Thralls to fill out the team, and they’re probably the best equipped to break a cage and get to the ball carrier. However, there’s a catch.

Bob: And what’s that?

Jim: The Vampires have Bloodlust, which can make them unpredictable and sometimes fatal to your own players. They also don’t start with any ball handling or blocking skills, and team dice rolls are expensive for this team.

Bob: That does sound like a problem. So, are Vampires a good team for beginners?

Jim: No, I wouldn’t recommend Vampires to novice coaches. They’re probably one of the most difficult teams to train and they require a lot of planning and management to be used effectively. It’s guaranteed frustration for a beginner coach.

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