Nurgle Blood Bowl Team

Nurgle Blood Bowl Team

★ Nurgle ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Rotter35k534+6+9+Decay, Plague RiddenGMAS
Pestigor75k633+4+9+Horns, Plague Ridde, RegenerationGMSAP
Bloater115k444+6+10+Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Plague Ridden, RegenerationGMSA
Rotspawn140k455+10+Disturbing Presence, Foul Appearance, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Plague Ridden, Really Stupid, Regeneration, TentaclesSAGM
ReRolls70kApothecary: No
Special RulesFavoured of Nurgle

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Nurgle Team Strengths:

  • Beast of Nurgle
  • Foul Appearance/Disturbing Presence
  • Regenerate

Nurgle Team Weaknesses:

  • Expensive Rerolls
  • No Ball Handling Skills
  • Fairly Slow

Starting Roster Nurgle Team

3 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
5Rotter Linemen175k

This list wasn’t affordable before, but it looks like someone in the NAF players’ association did some player price analysis in favour of Nurgle teams. If you drop Rotspawn early on, not only can you afford another Reroll, but if you add that small amount you had left in the bank, you can afford to get a second Pestigor. I think this is a more practical way to start the team, while still starting the four Bloaters. I’d probably consider adding a third Pestigor before thinking about adding a Rotspawn, although the Rotspawn has its uses against both the hitting and agile teams.

Foul Appearance

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
5Rotter Linemen175k

If you’re playing Nurgle, there has to be a lot of appeal in taking all the stronger players that come with the Foul Appearance and Disturbing Presence abilities. This list is generally 10k cheaper than it was before, which you can take advantage of or get some Dedicated Fans. The most glaring weakness is the only player who has somewhat decent agility. Rotters used to be able to handle the ball reasonably well too, but now the opposing team has a priority target to go after. If you lose the Pestigor, you’ll probably be in a lot of trouble. Also, you only have two rerolls, which is not a good thing with players of average agility handling the ball. In addition to the potential problem of low agility, this team is very slow.

Full Pestigors

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
4Rotter Linemen140k

As the Pestigors are the main engine around which the rest of the team plays, having all four means you’re not going to be as vulnerable to losing one compared to other options. Unfortunately, you have to go down to three Bloaters to do so, but it also means you have one less player on the field without Regeneration.

You also have a clear purchase path, unless your most important players get injured or die. If this happens, you can decide which player to sign next. An alternative option, if you want to get the fourth Bloater as soon as possible, would be to downgrade one of the Pestigors to a Rotter and deposit 45k.

4 Rerolls

QTYPlayers / ExtrasCost
6Rotter Linemen210k

The last option to consider is to really load the rerolls. This is a little less balanced, but your players don’t have any basic ball handling or blocking skills. Also, your rerolls are some of the most expensive in the game and Nurgle is a team that can burn rerolls, especially early in their life.

However, this leads you to wonder if you’re giving up too much to begin with. You’ve had to do without the full complement of your Bloaters and only have two of your important ball-handling Pestigors. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you have one or two more of the Rotters that fill out the team’s roster. You can also get Rotters for free thanks to Plague Ridden ability.

Teams of Nurgle are a form of Chaos team whose players worship the god Nurgle. Nurgle is the Chaos god of corruption and disease, and rewards his players by bestowing upon them a rather nasty disease known as Nurgle’s rot. The fact that Nurgle’s teams smell foul is more assumed than proven. True, they are made up of semi-decomposed flesh surrounded by swarms of flies, but by the time anyone gets close enough to get a really accurate smell, they have inevitably caught one of Nurgle’s nasty diseases, and usually die before they can suggest a new regime of personal hygiene.

Nurgle Team Overview:

Jim: Hey Bob, have you heard of Nurgle’s Teams?

Bob: No, what are they?

Jim: Nurgle’s Teams are a specialized version of the Chaos team in Blood Bowl. They have some more expensive players, but also have some cheap injury-prone linear players.

Bob: That’s interesting. What makes them different from the Chaos team?

Jim: Well, for starters, most of their players have the Regeneration skill, and they also have the combination of Dirty Aspect and Disruptive Presence, making them great at disrupting the passing game and being more resilient than the Chaos team.

Bob: That sounds useful. Are there any drawbacks?

Jim: Yes, there are a few. The team is slightly weaker overall and has less agile Warriors. And while they have cheap Rotters, they are only good for setting up fouls and can’t be relied upon for long as they suffer badly when injured and have no regeneration.

Bob: That doesn’t sound great. Are there any other issues with the team?

Jim: Yes, the team starts with no ball handling skills, no proper blocking skills and have expensive Second Chances. Some of the players are also quite expensive, apart from the Rotters who don’t last long anyway. The team is also quite slow, which can make moving the ball problematic.

Bob: So, would you recommend this team for a beginner coach?

Jim: I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner coach. The team gets better as you get more skills, but the slow speed and lack of ball handling and blocking skills make it a difficult team to start with.

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