Human Blood Bowl Team

Humans Blood Bowl Team

โ˜… Humans โ˜…

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Thrower80k633+2+9+Pass, Sure HandsGPAS
Catcher65k823+5+8+Catch, DodgeAGPS
Halfling30k523+4+7+Dodge, Right Stuff, StuntyAGS
Ogre140k554+5+10+Bone Head, Loner (4+), Mighty Blow (+1), Thick Skull, Throw Team MateSAG
ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesOld World Classic
Human Blood Bowl Team

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Human Team Strengths:

  • Fairly cheap
  • Lots of starting skills
  • Flexible playstyle

Human Team Weaknesses:

  • Average at everything
  • Can be hard to coach

Starting Roster Human Team

Ogre without Catcher

QTYPlayers / ExtraCost
1Halfling Hopeful30k

With the second season you can include a Halfling as the twelfth player in the human team. Although you can see the Halfling as a cheap substitute, it is also a great change to take a risk when fouling and now you also have the option to score a teammate. If you don’t like the Halfling, you can save the money and get an Apothecary after the first game.

Starting without Catchers keeps the average strength and armor and since many Catchers tend to hog the star player points, you desperately need to get in your Blitzers. If you want to start with a catcher, you can lose the halfling and upgrade one of the linemen. That would also put you halfway to the Apothecary, or you can get some Dedicated Fans.

No Ogre

QTYPlayers / ExtraCost

Dropping the Ogre and Halfling gives you much more flexibility as to how you want to start. If you drop a Lineman as well, then you can have eleven players, an Apothecary and four rerolls! That may seem like a lot of rerolls for a team that has a lot of skills, but with Halfling strength and agility, you may need to do some dodging with the caster or attackers, or some risky blocking with a single die. Rerolls allow you to push your luck more often, especially now that you can use more than one per turn (though you still can’t reroll the same roll more than once).

If you don’t think you need that extra roll, you can swap it for another Lineman or add a Halfling to your team. You can also swap the two receivers for two linemen, which gives you enough funds to add a halfling. The obvious downside to this roster is that you’re missing that big chunk of muscle that the Ogre provides.

Although human teams do not have the individual strengths and outstanding skills of other races, they do not suffer from any outstanding weaknesses either. This makes human teams extremely flexible, and they are equally comfortable running the ball, passing it or ignoring it and slamming the opponent into the turf.

Human Team Overview:

Human teams are the typical “Jack of all trades, master of none” when it comes to Blood Bowl (as they seem to be in most things to be fair). They are pretty fast, but they are not the fastest. They can beat the weakest teams, but not the strongest. They can beat the strongest teams, but not the weakest. They have a fairly average cost on their players with a fairly average stat line, although they have the advantage of starting with many skills and having access to all the major skill sets.

As a result, this can make humans a bit difficult to play. You have to be very adaptable in your game plan during a game and change your tactics to best suit the opposition you face. If you try to outplay the Skaven and Elf teams in a firefight, they will most likely outplay you. If you try to beat some of the hardest hitting teams, your players have a good chance of eating mud.

The flip side of the coin is that you can change your gameplay during the match more easily than other teams. If you start an offense with a cage that falls apart, you have the skills and players to switch to a passing play. If a passing play seems to break down, you can also get by with a scramble. All of the starting skills that are available in the varied players have their uses. The way to get the best out of humans is to learn to get the best out of each player and the skills they possess.

I would not suggest that they are a good team to start with to learn the game, as they cannot do one strategy well. They will have to learn to play very flexibly, which may be slow for new players as they are also becoming familiar with the rules. However, they are by no means a bad team and there are certainly few worse teams to try to win with if you are new to the game. The advantage of starting with humans is that you will get to try different strategies and this will perhaps improve your overall game. However, if you want one of the simpler teams to start with, I recommend you look for another one.

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