High Elf Blood Bowl Team

Equipo Altos Elfos Blood Bowl

★ High Elf ★

QTYPositionCostMASTAGPAAVSkills & TraitsPriSec
Thrower100k632+2+9+Cloud Burster, Pass, Safe PassAGPS
ReRolls50kApothecary: Yes
Special RulesElven Kingdoms League
High Elf Blood Bowl Team

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  • High Agility
  • Fast but not fragile
  • Safe passing game


  • Higher than average player costs
  • Not much hitting power

When Blood Bowl was first played, the High Elves despised the game. They thought Blood Bowl was nothing more than two teams of uncivilised hooligans beating each other senseless in a display of wanton violence. However, it did not take long for them to realise that there was much more to it than that. High Elf teams are famous for their passing game. They have many advantages when it comes to winning (rather than slaughtering their opponents, which is not always the same thing…), and their good players epitomise the more elegant side of the game. The only real problem with High Elf teams is that they can be very picky when it comes to deciding who, when or where to play, so we should be grateful that they deign to play with lesser races.

Starting Rosters – High Elf

3 Rerolls

QTYPlayer / ExtrasCost

It used to be possible to include a pitcher in this line-up as well, but unfortunately the price increase means that the budget is no longer available. However, the caster is probably the best option for the losing player compared to a Blitzer. Blocking is a more useful skill to start with from the beginning and that extra speed is also useful. Their development will naturally slow down when Catchers are added as well.

There are a couple of variations that spend the full amount. You can use that extra 20k to upgrade a Lineman to Catcher. Alternatively, you can go with 1 pitcher, 1 catcher and 1 pitcher, although I still think you’re better off with the extra Placar player. Catchers tend to hog the points of star players and also have lower armour. For these reasons, you may want to wait until the team has an Apothecary before adding them to the team.

2 Rerolls and full team

QTYPlayer / ExtrasCost

If you opt to use only two Rerolls, you can add a thrower and get two receivers to start. Your passing game and rushing game will improve quite a bit, although many games tend to come down to controlling the clock over rushing. Elf teams can score pretty quickly with just linemen, especially if you have a reroll on hand. Starting with a thrower also provides the option of getting a lead reroll without too much trouble.

However, the team is a bit more fragile and there is not enough money in the bank that would have guaranteed you to be able to afford an Apothecary if you get at least one score in the first game.

High Elf teams, sponsored by the Elven Kingdom, feature a dangerous passing game and some of the most arrogant players you can find. Wealthy beyond the dreams of most teams, the High Elves often have many princes and elves of noble birth on the team and what they can’t beat, they buy.

Visión General del Equipo:

Jim: “Good evening Blood Bowl fans! We are joined by a retired Blood Bowl star, Bob Bifford.”

Bob: “Greetings, Jim.”

Jim: “What do you think of the High Elves, Bob?”

Bob: “They’re a bunch of stiffs, Jim. When I used to play, I used to eat up these posh boys in nice armour every game. I think they’d run more when they saw me.”

Jim: “You’re always so eloquent, Bob. Anyway… The High Elves are the richest teams that can exist in the Old World. Their ranks are made up of rich nobles and princes.”

Bob: “If there’s something they can’t beat they buy it.”

Jim: “At the beginning of Blood Bowl, the High Elves wanted nothing to do with this uncivilised and violent sport. But little by little, as the popularity of the game grew, they began to get a foothold. They realised that there’s nothing better than the feeling of beating your opponent in a close game at the last second.

Bob: “As my coach used to say, ‘Never give up a game’.”

Jim: “Even so, they’re still trouble, remember the Galadrieth Gladiators refusing to play the Shining Crusaders because a) it was raining, b) the pitch was muddy and c) the Crusaders’ costumes were designed in the worst possible taste? However, it’s a miracle they play any games at all so we should be grateful to them for playing against other inferior races.”

Bob: “Their main way of playing is with passes.”

Jim: “That’s right, Bob. They have the best throwers, with unmatched skill and their running backs are some of the fastest. But, having more armor than their other elven cousins they can’t run as much.”

Bob: “Besides, their nice armour must be worth a lot of money. I have some of their helmets as souvenirs from when I was still playing.”

Jim: “Money they don’t lack, but yes, they are very expensive players, even the Lines are more expensive than most of their counterparts on other teams.”

Bob: “In the end, what matters is that they put on a show, that’s what we’re here for.”

Jim: “Absolutely right, Bob. We’ll see what they have in store for us this season. Until then, see you at the next game!”

Bob: “Best regards and remember with the elves: ‘All that glitters is surely gold’.”


High Elf teams often adopt a passing strategy, as they possess one of the best throwers in the game, certainly the safest and least likely to intercept. They are also as well armoured as Dark Elf and Human teams. They have access to four strong, fast receivers backed up by a pair of harder hitting Blitzers. This setup means that a receiver can usually be freed up to accept a pass on attack, and the team’s speed and strength are excellent for harassing the opposing team when they are on defence. Of the four Elf teams, they are the second fastest, first in endurance and have the most reasonable cost in all positions.

Their disadvantage to the other teams is that they are not as fast and manoeuvrable as the Sylvan Elves, do not have as much punching power as the Dark Elves, and do not have the cheap lines and excellent catchers of the standard Elven teams. High Elves are the most “normal” of the four Elven teams, but the combination of players they have works well as a team.

However, I would recommend them as the best Elf team for a beginner, as their medium armour and starting skill mix without the players being as expensive as the other Elf sides means they can be the most forgiving. You can quickly upgrade the thrower and receivers and have a good passing attack that can be hard to stop and will allow you to distribute the ball down the field very quickly. Combined with the speed of the receivers, you can get the ball away from the opposition in one turn if necessary, or you can sit deep and avoid the opposing players coming in.

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