Scales and Tails: Lizardmen Leap into Blood Bowl 3

Fasten your helmet straps and pack some spare scale polish, because things are about to get lizardy in Blood Bowl! Coming June 22, 2023, the Lizardmen are set to thunder their way onto the pitch in Blood Bowl 3!

You heard right, fans. Our beloved game of strategic brutality and hilarious mishaps is expanding its roster to include the hard-scaled, hard-hitting Saurus Blockers, the slippery Skink Runners, and let’s not forget, the one-dinosaur wrecking crew, the Kroxigor!

Bringing an unparalleled mix of muscle and mischief to the game, Lizardmen teams have always been infamous for a style of play that’s as unpredictable as a Warpstone-infused Goblin Bomb. Expect the unexpected with this lot, and by “unexpected”, we mean “painful and most likely involving a tail”.

The announcement of the Lizardmen team has sent tremors through the Blood Bowl community. Coaches are excitedly – and nervously – devising new strategies, while Apothecaries are brushing up on their reptilian anatomy.

So keep your eye on the calendar and get ready for a summer of savage, scaly action! Whether you’re a fan of the Lizardmen or just love a good spectacle, this is a season opener you won’t want to miss.

Keep tuning in to the Nuffle Zone for all the latest news, tactical discussions, and skink-related shenanigans as we count down to the big day. And remember, in Blood Bowl, it doesn’t matter how hard you get hit – unless it’s by a Saurus, in which case, yes, it really does matter.

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