The Naggaroth Nightmares VS Wolfenburg Crypt-stealers – Special Game

Jim: It’s time for this year’s biggest sporting event, folks – the 2497 Blood Bowl final! I’m Jim Johnson and I’m joined as always by my illustrious co-commentator – Bob ‘the Biff’ Bifford!

Bob: Thanks, Jim. I cannot wait for this game; it’s been a fantastic tournament so far with plenty of upset results, daring plays and, importantly, lots of broken  bones!

Jim: This weekend’s final sees the Naggaroth Nightmares take on the Wolfenburg Crypt-stealers. Neither team has ever made the final before, and for one team everlasting glory awaits!

BB Final Feb10 Image1

The 2497 Blood Bowl Championship final saw the Naggaroth Nightmares take on the Wolfenburg Crypt-stealers in what would go down as a classic match-up! 

To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Blood Bowl design team have recreated the rosters that played in that legendary game, as well as a selection of special rules you can download for free in order to recreate this piece of Blood Bowl history at home.

Jim: It certainly made the Blood Bowl world take notice, Bob, that’s for sure! Who’s your gold on this year, Bob?

Bob: It’s gotta be the Wolfenburg Crypt-stealers for me, Jim. I’m not backing no stinking Elves!

Jim: Understandable, Bob. My head says the Nightmares, though my unbeating heart is telling me to go with the Crypt-stealers. But we shall find out very soon at the 37th Blood Bowl final!

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