Welcome Blood Bowl fans!

Today we leave you the new FAQs for the Blood Bowl World Championship in Alicante.

If you have any questions about the event of the year please contact

1.- Allowed starplayers

Some people asked for a list of allowed starplayers, so here it is. Starplayers with a skill tax are specified with a *. Please check the ruleset to learn more about the starplayer skill tax.


  • Akhorne the Squirrel
  • Barik Farblast
  • Bomber Dribblesnot *
  • Bryce ‘the Slyce’ Cambuel
  • Deeproot Strongbranch *
  • Eldril Sidewinder
  • Frank ’n’ Stein
  • Fungus the Loon
  • Glart Smashrip
  • Gloriel Summerbloom
  • Grak & Crumbleberry
  • Grashnak Blackhoof
  • Gretchen Wätcher
  • Griff Oberwald *
  • Grim Ironjaw
  • Grombrindal The White Dwarf
  • Hakflem Skuttlespike *
  • Helmut Wulf
  • Ivar Eriksson
  • Karla von Kill
  • Kreek Rustgouger *
  • Lord Borak the Despoiler
  • Lucien Swift & Valen Swift
  • Max Spleenripper
  • Mighty Zug
  • Morg’n’Thorg *
  • Roxanna Darknail
  • Rumbelow Sheepskin
  • Scyla Anfingrimm
  • Skrorg Snowpelt
  • Skrull Halfheight
  • The Black Gobbo
  • Thorsson Stoudmead
  • Varag Ghoul-Chewer
  • Wilhelm Chaney *
  • Willow Rosebark
  • Zolcath the Zoat

2.- How to fully register into the V NAF World Cup

Here’s a step by step guide to get fully registered into
the V NAF World Cup.

First step is to register in the website, clicking the yellow button on the top right corner. Create your username and your password. In case you have any problem with your password, please contact us to modify it.

You will find this screen, that reflects each possible tourney hosted on the site. Right now the only existing tourney is the V NAF World Cup, so click there to enter the tournament screen.

This screen displays the tournament info (date, city and so on). You have to register in the tourney by clicking the button in the red square. Then you will be offered the chance to pay the tournament, create your roster and create your squad or join an existing one.

3.- Extra questions about rosters and squads

  • Can I register and pay if I’m not part of a squad?
    Yes, you can. Just join, register and pay as a solo player.
    Once the registration process is finished, players with no squad will be assigned to incomplete squads.
  • Should I pay the World Cup fee as an individual player, or my Captain should pay for a whole squad?
    Both options are possible. Feel free to choose any of them.
  • I’m a captain and my squad is not complete. Should I wait to have the 6 members, or should I pay for my incomplete squad?
    Both options are possible. We recommend you paying for the actual squad members now, in case the Early Bid period ends
    and you have to pay an extra charge.
  • What if I paid the fee but now I can’t attend the World Cup?
    Find a substitute who has not paid and is going to attend the tourney in your place. Contact us and we will modify his status to “paid”. In case you paid in the Early Bid period and now it’s over, your substitute will have to pay just the extra charge.
  • My credit card does not allow me to pay/I don’t have a credit card.
    Please contact us through the mail we stated on the first page of this document and we’ll solve it.
  • I did check extra food or bus rides by mistake, and now the software demands me to pay an extra that I don’t need.
    Please contact us before paying, and we will remove the unwanted extra.
  • I did register on the Early Bid period, but now I’m paying once that period is over. Can I pay the Early Bid fee?
    We’re sorry, but the fee is determined by the moment you pay, not the moment you registered.
  • Paying or validating my squad means I can’t modify my roster?
    No, it doesn’t. You will be allowed to modify your roster until the deadline for rosters ends.
  • What’s the deadline to modify my roster?
    Rosters can be modified up to July, 15th (included).
  • I’m trying to enter my roster and the software does not validate it.
    Please check if you’re trying to add a starplayer with a skill tax.
  • How can I change my squad name?
    Please contact us through the mail we stated on the first page of this document and we’ll solve it.
  • What if GW publishes a new FAQ document or changes to the rules?
    Rules changes will be immediately applied (like the Throw Team Mate change from last FAQ document). Roster and starplayer changes won’t be applied.
  • The ruleset does not specify Dedicated Fans as a valid inducement, but the team creation software allows you to select them as a valid inducement. Which one is right?
    Dedicated Fans are a valid inducement.

4.- Questions about the venue, buses and opening ceremony

  • Is there a smoking zone in the venue?
    Spanish law forbids smoking inside public buildings. You will have to go out to the Food Court, where you can freely smoke.
  • Considering it’s a public place, is alcohol allowed on the venue?
    Yes, it is. The venue is a public place but it’s run by a private company.
  • Can I bring my own drinks to the World Cup?
    You’re allowed and encouraged to bring gifts for friends and opponents. That includes drinks from your place to sample and invite them. If you’re referring to drinking in the venue as a whole, please go to the venue bar or the different stalls that sell drinks.
  • Where can I get the bus shuttle to the venue?
    Bus shuttle will depart and return to Plaza Puerta del Mar.
    Check the Alicante map in the downloads section of the web, it’s right near the beach.
  • Are you going to have special buses for attendees with mobility issues?
    Yes. Please state it on your registration form so we know how many buses do we need for people with mobility issues.
  • Where will the opening ceremony happen?
    The opening ceremony will be celebrated on September 7th, at 20:00 hour, in the Town Hall Square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento).


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