Drull and Dribl Are a Dynamic Duo of Dirty Players Coming to Foul Their Way to Victory

Jim: “Welcome to another exciting edition of Blood Bowl news! Today, we’ve got some real troublemakers joining the game!”

BBDrullDribl Feb20 Minis

Bob: “That’s right, Jim! Drull and Dribl are a pair of dirty players that are causing a stir in the Blood Bowl community!”

Jim: “And get this, Bob, these two didn’t come into the world like normal Lizardmen. They came as a pair of unaccompanied twins! Talk about auspicious!”

Bob: “These guys are no joke, Jim. Drull has a ceremonial obsidian dagger that he uses to stab the opposition, and Dribl is a real sneaky git who gets away with kicking players when they’re down!”

BBDrullDribl Feb20 Details

Jim: “And when they’re playing together, the trouble is doubled! They get an extra +1 on their Stab and Foul rolls against players marked by the other skink. That’s just dirty!”

Bob: “But they’re not just dirty, Jim, they’re fast and agile too! With skills like sidestep, dodge, and stunty, they’ll be picking players off left, right, and center!”

Jim: “And get this, Bob, they don’t just play for Lizardmen teams, they can play for Amazons too! But it’ll cost you a pretty penny to hire them at 190,000GP.”

Bob: “I can’t wait to see these guys in action, Jim! They’re sure to foul their way to victory!”

BBDrullDribl Feb20 Art

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