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Q: If a player is bitten by a Vampire as a result of a failed Bloodlust roll and becomes Stunned (even if already Stunned), do they roll over and become Prone at the end of the turn in which they were Stunned, or the following turn? (p.27)
A: At the end of the following turn.

Q: Can a player with a MA of 2 or less attempt to Rush to Stand Up instead of attempting to roll a 4+ to stand up? (p.44)
A: No.

Q: Can the Pro skill be used to re-roll the dice when a player attempts to stand up? (p.44)
A: No.

Q: If a player uses the Ball & Chain Move special action and moves out of the Tackle Zone of a player with the Tentacles skill, does the player with Tentacles get to use the Skill? (p.78 & 82)
A: No.

Q: If a player with the Fumblerooskie skill begins their Activation without the ball, and then picks it up during their Activation, can they still use the Fumblerooskie skill during their Activation? (p.79)
A: Yes.

SPIKE! Magazine ISSUE 16 – Vampire

Q: If a player with the Bloodlust (X+) trait begins their Activation Prone, do they still need to roll for Bloodlust? (p.5)
A: Yes.

Q: If a player with the Bloodlust (X+) trait fails the roll for Bloodlust, can they continue to Move after biting a Thrall in order to score, make a Pass Action, or reposition? (p.5)
A: No. After a model has bitten a Thrall, they may Move no further; unless they have a rule that specifically states otherwise (such as Running Pass).

Q: What happens when a player with the Bloodlust (X+) trait targets a player with the Foul Appearance skill and fails both the Bloodlust roll and the Foul Appearance roll? (p.5)
A: The player must first take the Bloodlust roll; if this is failed, they may choose to change their declared action to a Move Action, in which case they will not need to roll for Foul Appearance. If they do not, then they will need to roll for Foul Appearance as normal; if this is failed, then their action is wasted and their Activation will end. This will result in a Turnover if they are unable to bite an adjacent Thrall Teammate.

Spike! Magazine ISSUE 17 – Gnomes

Q: When a player uses the Trickster trait, does the player being removed from the pitch and then placed again count as the player moving? (p.5)
A: No; it is a placement not a movement. As such, any rules that interact with a player moving, such as the Shadowing or Tentacles skills, will not come into effect.

Q: If a player uses the Trickster trait and places themselves in a square containing the ball, do they attempt to pick it up? (p.5)
A: No; it is a placement not a movement. As such, the ball will immediately bounce in the same manner as if the player had been pushed back.


  • Page 80 – Guard
    • Change to read:
      • When a player performs a Block Action (including as part of a Blitz Action) this player can offer both offensive and defensive assists regardless of how many opposition players are Marking them.
  • Page 92 – Inducements – Halfling Master Chef
    • Change cost to the following:
      • 300,000 gold pieces (100,000 gold pieces for Halfling teams), available to any team.
  • • Page 114 – Bomma – Primary and Secondary
    • Add Passing skills to Primary. Remove Passing skills from Secondary.
  • • Page 127 – Underworld Denizens Teams – Underworld Snotlings
    • Remove the Swarming trait.



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