5 Sinister Reasons to Play Skaven in Blood Bowl

Skaven are a cunning, devious, and downright deadly team choice in Blood Bowl. These rat-like creatures may not be as flashy as Elves or as tough as Dwarfs, but they bring their own unique brand of chaos to the pitch. If you’re curious about why you should choose Skaven, here are five wicked reasons:

1-Blistering Speed

Skaven teams boast some of the fastest players in Blood Bowl, making them a force to be reckoned with. Their Gutter Runners are lightning-fast, able to slip through enemy lines and score touchdowns in the blink of an eye. If you enjoy using speed to outwit and outmaneuver your opponents, Skaven are an excellent choice.

2-A Mix of Agility and Strength

While not as agile as Elves, Skaven still possess a respectable level of agility, allowing them to dodge and weave around the opposition. What sets them apart, however, is their surprising strength, particularly in their Rat Ogres and Stormvermin. This combination of agility and strength allows Skaven to adapt to various playstyles, making them a versatile and challenging team to coach.

3-Unpredictable and Chaotic Gameplay

Skaven are known for their unpredictable nature, which translates into a thrilling and chaotic Blood Bowl experience. Whether it’s a sneaky play with a Gutter Runner, a sudden blitz from a Stormvermin, or a brutal block from a Rat Ogre, Skaven keep their opponents guessing and on their toes.

4-Underdog Appeal

There’s something appealing about playing as the underdog, and Skaven fit that bill perfectly. They may not be as glamorous as other teams, but their cunning and guile can lead to some satisfying victories against more popular opponents. If you enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of succeeding with an unconventional team, Skaven are the perfect choice.

5-The Art of Sabotage

Skaven are notorious for their underhanded tactics, and their Blood Bowl teams are no exception. They have access to a range of dirty tricks and sneaky plays, such as using secret weapons, employing fouls, and taking advantage of the Warpstone-infused ball to create havoc on the field. If you enjoy playing mind games and using subterfuge to outsmart your opponents, Skaven will deliver in spades.


Skaven may not be the most glamorous or straightforward team in Blood Bowl, but their unique combination of speed, versatility, and cunning make them a challenging and rewarding choice for coaches who enjoy thinking outside the box. Embrace the chaos and deception of the Skaven, and bring a new level of unpredictability to the Blood Bowl pitch.

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