Gore the Gridiron in Blood Bowl With the Great Black Bull

Jim: “Have you ever seen a Star Player as frightening as Grashnak Blackhoof, Bob?”

Bob: “Not recently, Jim. If the other team aren’t intimidated by his fatality record, his horns are sure to get the point across.”

Jim: “Both points, I fear.”

Blood Bowl is a game of skill and agility, but do you know what beats fancy footwork any day of the week? Nine feet of muscle, fury, and harpoon-like horns – embodied in Grashnak Blackhoof, also known as the Great Black Bull.

BB Grashnak May8 Image1

Nobody quite knows where Grashnak came from – stories about his early career flow like spilled ale through many a sporting tavern – but his trail through the Blood Bowl circuit has been one of broken bones, gored sternums, and crowd-pleasing bloodshed. His shockingly violent performance in his rookie year earned him back-to-back Best Newcomer and Most Vicious Player awards, and he’s since racked up a body count eclipsed only by the legendary Morg ‘n’ Thorg

BB Grashnak May8 Image2

His greatest claim to fame isn’t even a sporting achievement as such, but rather that Blood Bowl officials have long since stopped counting the injured players left in his wake. His hyper-aggressive style translates right into your games too – a mighty Strength 6 combined with a laundry list of offensive skills.

The Great Black Bull is in his element charging across the pitch to deliver his signature twin-horned Blitz, leaving unfortunate players Gored by the Bull. This special rule helps him steamroll most muscly opponents, and even gives him a leg up against equally massive rivals. Someone is getting flattened when Grashnak gets up to speed. 

BB Grashnak May8 Boxout

Grashnak can be hired for a princely 240,000GP by any Favoured of… Chaos teams, and you’ll be able to get his awesome resin miniature – plus his player card – from Forge World soon.

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