Blood Bowl 2023 Season Recap

The 2023 Blood Bowl season was one for the record books. Let’s take a quick look at the highlights from the past year:


The year kicked off with the release of the Matched Play Guide, a valuable resource for Blood Bowl tournament organizers and players. It covered everything from organizing events to skill points and roster drafting.


Notable star players, Cindy Piewistle and the mischievous duo Dribl and Drull, joined the action.


BBWither Mar27 Mini

Withergrasp Doubledrool made his presence felt, becoming a favorite choice for Chaos coaches.


Ripper Bolgrot proved that not all Trolls are alike, combining brawn with an unexpected hobby – studying legal texts!


Bilerot Vomitflesh Star Player

Bilerot Vomitflesh joined the ranks, delighting Nurgle fans with his unique playing style. June also introduced Gutter Bowl, a wild alternative game mode.


Ivan 'the Animal' Deathshroud Star Player Blood Bowl

Ivan ‘The Animal’ Deathshroud emerged as a formidable presence, transitioning from a warlord to a Blood Bowl player.


by spubbbba

Kiroth Krakeneye, the Dark Elf superstar, brought speed and skill to the game, becoming a crowd favorite.


Vampires returned, complete with new positionals and a Big Guy, along with Spike! Journal Issue 16 filled with vampire-themed content. ‘Captain’ Karina von Riesz and Count Luthor von Drakenborg joined the roster.


Cheerleading squads made a comeback as Made to Order, offering Human, Orc, Chaos, and Dark Elf cheerleaders.

As we look forward to the 2024 season, stay tuned for more exciting Blood Bowl news

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