Unbelievable! A Tree Man Quarterback Takes Root for Victory in the Blood Bowl League

In an unprecedented move that is shaking the world of Blood Bowl, the Green Glade Guardians have just announced their new star player: Barky Branchbender, the first Tree Man quarterback. Fans are perplexed but excited about this revolutionary addition.

Barky, a tall and surprisingly agile Tree Man, has been seen practicing passes with squirrels and birds in the forests. Known for his extraordinary “Throw Opponent” technique, Barky promises to bring a new leaf to the game’s strategy.

Critics argue that Barky’s inclusion might “branch out” the game too far from its roots, but fans are supporting this ecological enigma. It is rumored that special accommodations are being made for Barky, including a larger locker room and a personal sunlight lamp.

Barky Branchbender can be hired by any team from the “Old World Classic” or “Halfling Thimble Cup” for the sum of 280,000 GP.

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#this new is for “Santos Inocentes” the equivalent of April’s Fool but on December 28th.

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