Chaos over the Cobblestones and two “new” teams?

Who needs the shine and shimmer of a stadium when you can drag your games into the grime and grit of the Old World’s back alleys? Welcome to Gutter Bowl, the unruly step-sibling of Blood Bowl where it’s not about professionals or Cabalvision superstars – it’s about scrappy upstarts making their name in the murk! These games play out in alleyways, where market stalls serve as impromptu barricades, sewer pipes become unpredictable ball bouncers, and wannabe legends wrestle for the limelight. Rules? Oh, you must be thinking of another sport!

Gutter Bowl doesn’t discriminate. You can bring any Blood Bowl team you’ve got lying around, a great opportunity to dust off those old veterans or shake up your roster. The package includes the Gutter Bowl rulebook (don’t worry, it’s more of a suggestion than law), a double-sided game board depicting a grimy street on one side and murky sewers on the other, and two dugouts that have seen better days.

Old World Alliance Blood Bowl Team

The Old World Alliance Blood Bowl Team mashes together the brute strength of Dwarfs, strategic prowess of Humans, and the Halflings, who are good at…well, we’ll figure it out someday. With 15 multi-part plastic players, the Middenheim Maulers are a motley crew with brawny Blockers, reliable Throwers, and Halflings providing the element of surprise. It’s a fresh way to tackle team building, and helps cover those pesky weak spots you’d rather ignore.

Old World Alliance Team Card Pack

Managing your motley crew is easier with this Team Card pack. It contains 44 reference cards made specifically for the Old World Alliance team. Alongside cheat sheets and positional stand-ins for your players, the deck comes loaded with 16 unique Special Play cards designed to give the Old World Alliance a sneaky edge.

Underworld Denizens Blood Bowl Team: The Underworld Creepers

Skulk your way up the pitch and unleash all kinds of mischief with the Underworld Denizens Blood Bowl team. This band of 12 nefarious ne’er-do-wells marries the cunning of Goblins and the skulduggery of Skaven into one diabolical package. The Creepers boast some of the craftiest players on the pitch, like the lightning-quick Gutter Runner who’s just perfect for slipping through the opponent’s defense for a sneaky touchdown while the Goblin Linemen keep the rivals distracted.

Underworld Denizens Team Card Pack

The Underworld Denizens get their very own Team Card pack, complete with rule reminders and Special Play cards tailored for their tricky tactics. It’s everything you need to keep your attention on the game and off the rulebook.

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