Get ready for the wild tales of Blood Bowl’s star player, Kiroth Krakeneye!

Bob: Hey Jim, Jim! Why are Corsairs such good Blood Bowl players?

Jim: … I swear, every single game… 

Bob: Nobody knows, Jim, they just arrrr.

As the commander of the Black Ark Fateful Voyage, Kiroth has become a legend in the Elven circuit, traveling the world with his fantastical stories. One of his incredible tales involves a game against the Southstorm Squids, played beneath the waves, where enchantments went awry, leading to a tragic end for the team. However, Kiroth claims the Squids saved him and gifted him his distinctive tentacular helmet.

This unique headgear, which comes to life during matches, gives Kiroth his name. It’s so bizarre that most players prefer to keep their distance, as looking directly at him may result in an unexpected eyeful of Black Ink! Kiroth’s special rule allows him to excel as a technical player, disrupting Tackle Zones to set up game-winning plays.

With a price tag of 160,000 GP, hiring Kiroth Krakeneye is a small cost for victory, especially with his agility and skills. Stay tuned to add this resin miniature to your Elven Kingdoms League team soon!

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