New Blood Bowl Vampire Team!

In exciting news for Blood Bowl enthusiasts, NOVA Open has provided a sneak peek into the upcoming release of a new Vampire Blood Bowl team, known as the Drakfang Thirsters. These bloodthirsty vampires have a long history of playing the brutal sport of Blood Bowl, and their imposing physical prowess makes them a formidable presence on the gridiron. While they’ve been more involved in managing other Undead teams lately, they are poised to return to the field with a fresh plastic team that introduces new player positions and an updated Bloodlust trait.

As one might expect, the allure of a sport with ‘blood’ in its name is irresistible to vampires, and the Drakfang Thirsters embody this fascination. Unlike the somber warriors seen in other Warhammer worlds, these vampires are all about opulence and refinement. They sport billowing capes, frilly shirts, and delicate silk cravats, reflecting their aristocratic nature.

The core of this team consists of full-blooded Vampire players, who possess a remarkable blend of skills. They can sprint like Elves, blitz like Orcs, and throw like a different kind of Elf. Their Hypnotic Gaze skill adds a strategic dimension to their gameplay, enabling them to set up explosive plays. This skill is shared by all of their Blitzers, Runners, and Throwers.

However, even with their physical dominance and centuries of experience, Vampires are still afflicted by their insatiable thirst for blood. The inherent violence of a typical Blood Bowl match can trigger their bloodlust. Fortunately, the team box includes eight Thrall Linemen who serve a dual purpose: they can assist on the field and act as convenient snacks for the Vampires when their cravings become irresistible, as evidenced by the bite marks.

What makes this release even more exciting for fans is the extensive customization options available for each miniature. This ensures that your Vampire players will stand out on the field. Additionally, the set includes four Vampire-themed balls, one of which features a small gargoyle wrapped up in belts. There are also two coffin-like turn markers and two double-sided coins to enhance the overall Blood Bowl experience. So, prepare for the return of the Vampires to the Blood Bowl arena with the Drakfang Thirsters, a team that combines elegance, power, and a thirst for victory.

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