New Star Players for Vampire Teams

The Drakfang Thirsters, a formidable team of Vampires in Blood Bowl, are set to make their presence felt on the astrogranite field. This Vampire team has expanded, now featuring various positionals like Runners, Throwers, and Blitzers, in addition to Thralls, who remain the backbone of the squad.

For those seeking extra power, the Vargheist, a menacing addition to any Vampire team, brings high Strength and Frenzy to the game. However, beware its Bloodlust (3+), which can pose a challenge for managing the team.

Vampire teams also gain access to two new Star Players. First up is ‘Captain’ Karina von Riesz, a newcomer to Blood Bowl. With Dodge, agility, and Jump Up, she becomes a formidable scoring threat with a Movement Allowance of 7. She can even treat an opponent as her own Thrall once per game, turning the Vampires’ weakness into an advantage.

Finally, the long-standing favorite, Count Luthor von Drakenborg, receives his first new miniature in two decades. This Blood Bowl superstar doesn’t suffer from Bloodlust, and he possesses speed, strength, agility, Block, Sidestep, and a special rule that grants an extra team re-roll.

All three of these new additions are crafted from resin and will be available soon from Forge World, along with the rest of the Vampire team and their accompanying equipment. The release date will be announced as soon as it becomes available.

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