Referees and Cheerleaders Make a Grand Return to Blood Bowl

Greetings, sports fans!

In the world of Blood Bowl, the thrill of Nuffle’s sacred game is not limited to the on-field action. Many fans eagerly anticipate halftime shows and the spirited routines performed by their team’s cheerleaders, just as much as they do the brutal gameplay. Some referees even have their own dedicated fan following, whether for their unwavering dedication to Nuffle or their infamous track record of accepting bribes.

No Blood Bowl collection would be complete without these unscrupulous referees and enthusiastic sideline stars. Fortunately, you’ll soon have the opportunity to add them to your collection as these kits return for a limited time next month:

Human Cheerleaders

The Reaverettes: If you enjoy energizing rallies and cheer routines spelled out one letter at a time, this is the cheer squad for you. Human cheerleaders have been a staple alongside Blood Bowl teams, from Norsca to the Badlands, since the sport’s inception.

Orc Cheerleaders

The Waaaghs!: Orc cheerleaders are known for their thunderous chants, surpassing their Human and Elven counterparts. They have the power to whip the crowd into such a frenzy that the game has to be temporarily halted until the spectators calm down!

Chaos Cheerleaders

The Damned Damsels: These cheerleaders enchant crowds with dazzling acrobatic performances and mind-bending magic, only to transition seamlessly into fearsome displays of violence. They are as intimidating as the Chaos-worshipping teams they support.

Dark Elf Cheerleaders

The Night Terrors: Nothing gets a Dark Elf crowd going like ritualistic sacrifice. This fanatical cheer squad is renowned for both their knife-handling skills and their energetic pom-pom routines.

Halfling & Goblin Referees

Being short in stature can be advantageous for a referee, especially when trying to escape an angry mob of fans and players after a controversial call. These referees were previously exclusive to Warhammer World and events.

Mutated Minotaur

Not just the sideline staff is making a comeback; this massive, hulking behemoth is returning to the gridiron. With its powerful crushing claws, this bovine brute can tear through even the toughest armor, reserving its Mighty Blow (+1) for delivering punishing Injury rolls.

Prepare to enhance your Blood Bowl experience with these iconic characters and personalities, and get ready for even more excitement on and off the field!

These miniatures are only available during the Made to Order window, which runs from 10am GMT on Saturday the 23rd of December until 8am GMT on Tuesday the 2nd of January. Note that the Elven cheerleaders (the Eaglettes) aren’t returning in this period, but they may reappear in the future. Watch this space!

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