Halloween on Blood Bowl Field

Halloween is here – and over in the Old World, as Geheimnisnacht draws in, folks have shut their doors tight to avoid all the strange goings-on that occur at this time of year. In the fog-filled dark forests of Sylvania, however, this period of superstition and fear is alive with macabre mania, as the less-living populace shamble and shuffle their way to the nearest Blood Bowl stadium. The cause of this flurry of activity? Well, when the night is darkest, the dead play Blood Bowl! 

Sylvania Showdown

This is a variation on a standard Blood Bowl game with a unique Weather table, a new Inducement and a special rule designed to feel like a gridiron clash at this most frightful time of year.

BB Halloween Nov31 Teams

Team Selection

Coaches will need to create a team of any budget that the players agree upon, using the following options: 

BB Halloween Nov31 WeatherTable

Special Rules

Sometimes, the trap doors on a Blood Bowl field become home to creatures and monsters with nefarious intent – or just a desperate desire to be involved in some trick or treating! 

BB Halloween Nov31 TrickorTreat

Trick or Treat: Whenever a player moves into, or is pushed into, a square containing a trap door, roll a D6. 

  • On a roll of 1-3, the player has been tricked! The tricked player is immediately Knocked Down. When a player is Knocked Down by a trick, you may apply a +1 modifier to either the Armour roll or Injury roll. This modifier may be applied after the roll has been made. 
  • On a roll of 4-6, the player has been treated! The treated player may improve their MA, ST or AG by 1 until the end of their next Activation.


BB Halloween Nov31 HalloweenCandy

Halloween Candy
50,000 gold pieces, Available to any team
A bag filled with Halloween candy brings a joy like no other, especially when you’ve stolen it from a group of frightened Halflings!

Whenever a player on your team uses a team re-roll, roll a D6. On a 5+, the team re-roll is free.

Well, if this isn’t enough to get your spine-chilling squads out on the astrogranite, we don’t know what is! Share pictures of your Halloween-inspired games with us on social media and let us know how you’re going to celebrate the spooky season!

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