Halfing’s delicious all-star duo brings half-time snacks to Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is a game of monsters played in foul weather and unsanitary conditions. However, sometimes the arrival of Halflings can bring a pleasant scent to the air, exciting the crowd. Two notable Halfling Star Players are Cindy Piewhistle, who runs a famous bakery, and Puggy Baconbreath, a legendary player known for his athleticism and dedication to the game.

06 02 BBHalflingStarPlayers Image1

Cindy likes to hand out piping-hot samples of her baked goods to her opponents, utilizing the Bombardier skill and the All You Can Eat special rule to her advantage.

Puggy brings a dose of Halfling Luck, which is highly coveted among Halfling teams. Both players can be used by teams in the Halfling Thimble Cup or Old World Classic.

Forge World will be releasing both characters in resin, along with their rules, in a single box.

06 02 BBHalflingStarPlayers Image6
06 02 BBHalflingStarPlayers Image5

Note: Puggy restricts himself to eating only at specific times during the game, demonstrating his professionalism. The secret ingredient in Cindy’s baked goods is explosives.

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