New Vampire Skills

The Blood Bowl Vampire team is making a spooky return to the gridiron, and we spoke with Blood Bowl rules writer Jay to learn about these extraordinary players.

The Vampire team is a mix of elite Vampires and less capable Thralls, used as mobile blood sources. Vampires have exceptional stats and skills, but they suffer from Bloodlust (X+), which represents their constant need to feed.

The team now has various positionals:

  • Vampire Thrower: Reliable with Bloodlust (2+), great Strength, Agility, and passing skills.
  • Vampire Blitzer: More vicious due to Bloodlust (3+) and Juggernaut skill, ideal for Blitzing.
  • Vampire Runner: Swift and agile, perfect for carrying the ball or using the Hypnotic Gaze trait.
  • Thrall Lineman: Inexpensive and replaceable, serving as a food source for Vampires.
  • Vargheist: The strongest player with Claws and Frenzy skills, excels at taking down opponents.

Proper positioning is crucial to ensure Vampires can feed on Thralls without harming their own team. Vampires can be both unpredictable and excellent if they control their Bloodlust.

The Vampire team is available for pre-order, and Blood Bowl III’s Season 2 will feature the Underworld Denizens as a new team. Stay tuned for more news!

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