Lore of Blood Bowl

Bob & Jim

Jim: Welcome back to Cabalvision HD, I’m Jim Johnson and with me is the one and only Bob Bifford.

Bob: That’s right, Jim. And we are here to talk about Blood Bowl.

Jim: Hey Bob, have you heard the story of how Blood Bowl came to be?

Bob: You mean that ancient game we’re casting now? I know bits and pieces, but I’d love to hear the full story.

Jim: So, the story begins with ancient tablets in Lustria that mention the god Nuffle being introduced to the world by the Old Ones and their servants, the Slann. Fast forward thousands of years, and mighty heroes in Nehekhara played the game before being laid to rest in grand mausoleums.

Roze-El Sacred Commissioner of the Church of Nuffle - Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl in the Old World began during a battle between Dwarfs and Orcs. They discovered an ancient arena and rules for a religious rite dedicated to Nuffle. A Dwarf translated the rules, and the two armies resolved their conflict with the game, creating Blood Bowl. The first players dispersed to share news about the game, while others found a strange green surface in the arena. The Dwarf translator, Roze-El, became the first League Commissioner of the NAF, as teams formed globally. Cabalvision networks began broadcasting games, and soon, people cared more about winning Blood Bowl than going to war.

Roze-El became the Sacred Commissioner of the Church of Nuffle’s Amorical Football, also known as the NAF. He translated the game’s rules and promoted the new deity. By his death at age 196 in 2375 IC, 16 teams competed in an annual championship game called Blood Bowl. Djimm Thorp succeeded Roze-El and addressed the growing issue of rule interpretations, establishing a rules committee in 2409 IC. The rules continued to evolve with new game variants, and Djimm formed the Referees and Allied Ruleskeepers Guild (RARG) in 2414 IC to improve the professional game.

After Djimm’s retirement in 2429 IC, Jorge Hellhound became Commissioner, demonstrating commercial savvy. He collaborated with the Colleges of Magic to broadcast games across the continent via CAMRA and Cabalvision. In 2460/61 IC, he divided the 40 teams into two conferences with four divisions each, allowing sponsorships and attracting more money. The 2461 IC Blood Bowl Championship game was sponsored by Bloodweiser and broadcasted widely.

Nikk Threehorn succeeded Jorge in 2477 IC but proved to be selfish and greedy. He increased fees for broadcasting games, and player salaries skyrocketed. Cabalvision Networks produced more shows to attract viewers, while Blood Bowl became more violent. Some players criticized the sport’s decline, and smaller leagues and tournaments were established.

In 2488 IC, the Reikland Reavers played the Darkside Cowboys in the Blood Bowl final when the Cowboys’ cheerleaders ran off with Commissioner Nikk Threehorn and the league’s money. The NAF shut down, causing chaos, unemployment, and economic turmoil. Some teams folded, merged, or prospered, and new leagues and tournaments emerged.

In 2490, Cabalvision Networks and major sponsors worked with stadium owners to hold grand tournaments throughout the season, including the Blood Bowl Classic. The RARG controlled the rules and regulations, while networks and sponsors handled promotion. Blood Bowl returned with a vengeance, filled with leagues, tournaments, and major events.

As Blood Bowl continued its resurgence, more teams and players joined the fray, further expanding the game’s reach and popularity. The Cabalvision Networks, sponsors, and stadium owners continued to collaborate on organizing and promoting the tournaments, including new events that catered to various regions and interests.

Regional leagues and cups were established to offer more opportunities for local teams to compete, develop talent, and create fan bases. This decentralization of the game allowed for a more balanced distribution of resources and power, reducing the likelihood of corruption and scandals that plagued the NAF era.

Bob: And that’s how we ended up here today, casting this amazing game!

Jim: That’s right, Bob! Blood Bowl is back and stronger than ever, and we’re lucky to be part of it.

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