New miniature for Blood Bowl Star Player Withergrasp Doubledrool

BBWither Mar27 Mini

Welcome back sports fans, today the focus is on Blood Bowl Star Player Withergrasp Doubledrool, a unique and highly skilled character with an intriguing backstory. Born from human parents and abandoned in the wild woods, Withergrasp was taken in by Beastmens after they noticed his mutations, believing him to be blessed by the Dark Gods. Trained to become an exceptional area denial player in Blood Bowl, Withergrasp has gained popularity for his remarkable abilities.

BBWither Mar27 Details
BBWither Mar27 Art

Withergrasp’s skills, such as Tentacles, Prehensile Tail, Tackle, and Two Heads, make him a formidable opponent. His mutations and abilities allow him to hold opponents in place and perform impressive dodges, even against the most agile players. Furthermore, he has the Watch Out! skill, which grants him the Dodge ability during the first Block action attempted against him. If needed, he can also use the Wrestle skill to bring down opponents.

BBWither Mar27 Watchout

Available at an affordable price of 170,000 GP, Withergrasp can play for all “Favoured of… Chaos” teams. The character will be released in resin by Forge World and will come with his own rules card.

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