Vampire Pre-order !

The Vampires are making a bloodthirsty comeback to Blood Bowl with a set of exciting releases:

The Drakfang Thirsters: A new plastic Vampire team featuring 14 players, including Vampire Blitzers, Runners, Throwers, and Thralls. The set also includes various accessories like balls, coins, tokens, and a transfer sheet.

Vargheist: An imposing addition to the Vampire team, the Vargheist is a fierce and fast Brute, arriving in Forge World resin.

Count Luthor von Drakenborg: A legendary player immune to bloodlust, Count Luthor returns with an extra reroll skill, available to play for all Sylvanian Spotlight teams in Forge World resin.

‘Captain’ Karina von Riesz: A newer talent known for her strength and dexterity, she’s available in Forge World resin and can join any Sylvanian Spotlight team.

Ivan 'the Animal' Deathshroud Star Player Blood Bowl
Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud Star Player Blood Bowl

Ivan ‘the Animal’ Deathshroud: Another revived player ready to smash for Sylvanian Spotlight teams, cast in Forge World resin.

Spike! Journal Issue 16: A comprehensive resource containing rules, tactics, lore, and more for Vampires in Blood Bowl.

Vampire Team Pitch, Cards, and Dice: Enhance your Vampire team’s look with accessories, including a double-sided pitch and dugout set, stylish dice, and a card set with Special Play, reference cards, Star Player cards, and blank positional cards to track your team’s progress.

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