Daniel Pérez, Alias “Shirokov”, Elected New President of the NAF: Leading the Future of Blood Bowl

In an exciting turn of events in the Blood Bowl universe, Daniel Pérez, known in the gaming world as “Shirokov”, has been elected as the new president of the Nuffle Amorical Football (NAF). With an impressive track record in the field of play and extensive professional experience in computer science and artificial intelligence, Pérez is preparing to take the legendary Blood Bowl game to new horizons.

A resident of Madrid, Spain, and a member of the NAF since 2008, Pérez has participated in 133 NAF tournaments, including three World Cups and three Eurobowl/Europens. His dedication and experience in coordinating the 7 Estrellas de Madrid circuit, part of the NAF Series, have positioned him as a key figure in the Blood Bowl world.

Pérez thanked Nate and other committee members for their service in previous years, highlighting that, despite the difficulties of the pandemic, the community has continued to grow and significant steps have been taken in the right direction.

As the new president, Pérez faces several key challenges, including continued growth in membership and the holding of major events, modernizing the structure and communication channels of the organization, encouraging youth participation in board tournaments and leagues, and developing synergies between the board game and online platforms.

One of his main goals is to foster participation of non-English speakers within the organization, overcoming the language barrier with tools that facilitate participation. In addition, he proposes the development of stable game rules in the competitive environment, with the community actively participating in the acceptance or rejection of new rules or modifications proposed by Games Workshop.


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