Blood Bowl: Death Zone 2021 Announced

Blood Bowl: Death Zone is the first major supplement to the game since Blood Bowl: Season Two Edition was released. Let’s see what news we have.

Warhammer Community has announced the first big changes to the game with the arrival of a new book. This book will have something for each and every trainer, whether they are newbies or veterans with a bunch of new 芦Mercenaries禄, so if you were bored so far hold on.

New Blood Bowl Death Zone Supplement Announced

Hot on the heels of Blood Bowl: Second Season Edition is Death Zone, the first major supplement for the game. Every coach worth his salt will want to get in on the action.

The book is expected to be out soon and looks like it will be worth owning.


With five broad categories and plenty of options for each, there is a Mercenary suitable for teams of any size and disposition. From this broad group, trainers can choose those with the skills they need, albeit at a price. You might want to add some grit with a Bona Fide Big Guy.

There’s nothing wrong with adding muscle to your team. Any Blood Bowl fan will thank you for it. Plus, with customization you can make it a perfect fit for your team.

New Environments

There are many other ways to shake up your games: one of the most common is the change of scenery. In Death Zone, you’ll find all kinds of information on how to play in different environments.

Playing a game underground? Watch what you’re doing.

Caught in a blizzard? The frozen ground can put your players out of action.

There’s always something new to explore, whether it’s the changing seasons or the harsh environments teams often find themselves in, and this book will help you navigate them.


Speaking of different ways to play, have you ever tried a game of Sevens?

Named for the smaller size of the teams, Sevens is a much-loved version of the game. It’s usually played by amateur teams for fun, practice or to get the attention of a franchise recruiter. Along with a smaller team, Sevens is played on a smaller field, so the action is much more intense.

It’s always nice to have a faster version of the game, so even if you don’t have a lot of time to play it, you can always get a few games in. With the same rules as the original game, you can try out those crazy moves you’ve always wanted to make.

Finally, they have announced new 芦Inductions禄, special rules that change the way the game is played for certain matches.

Perhaps the best part of Sevens is a new type of Induction that represents the way amateur teams play. These Desperate Measures add a lot of character, like this one that represents deep-rooted rivalries between local teams.

Play dirty, and foul downed opponents as much as you want. That’s entirely up to you.

All this and you’ve barely scratched the surface. Death Zone comes loaded with a lot of cool stuff, including new Inductors, options for various stadium types, unique balls, special match events, and much more. We’ll know more shortly.

Until then, see you at the next game.

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